Jorge Llapur; 2021 Top Latino Lider in Florida!

What is your Hispanic Heritage: Cuban

What area of Florida do you live in: South Florida (Miami)

What is your profession: Restaurant Entrepreneur

Meet Jorge and other Lideres at the Hispanic Heritage Celebration at 3rd Annual FORD Taste Of Latino Festival!

Latin Times Magazine: Tell us about what you do for a living and how you got into it

Jorge: Own and operate a Fast Casual Cuban Restaurants Chain

Latin Times Magazine: In your industry, what would you say separates you from your competition.   

Jorge: We have combined the speed and efficiencies of the Fast Casual industry with the Authentic Flavors of Cuban Cooking!   

Latin Times Magazine:  During Covid-19, tell us about your Biggest Challenge/obstacle and how you overcame it/or are overcoming it.   

Jorge: Staffing, Staffing and Staffing!!!!!!!

Latin Times Magazine: Tell us about your biggest achievement, and how you achieved it (Covid or non-related)    

Jorge: I pride myself on caring about my team and working hard to develop them professionally,  every General Manager in my company started as a crew member and worked their way up the ranks.  This was achieved by taking the time to teach, coach and show We Care!!!!

Latin Times Magazine:  What is next for you? What can people expect to see from you?

Jorge: Take our Brand Nation Wide!!!!!

Latin Times Magazine:  What does being a U.S. Citizen mean to you?

Jorge: It means the realization of a Freedom Dream,   We have a debt of gratitude to this great Nation that we will not be able to ever repay.  We were offered the opportunity that was denied in our own country, to be FREE and to work hard to realize our dreams!

Latin Times Magazine: What words of encouragement can you offer?

Jorge: Whatever it is that is itching you, GO AHEAD and take the leap of faith, Give it you all: Set your goal. Plan your work. Work your Plan. Act with integrity and Outwork your competition!

Latin Times Magazine:  What is YOUR comida Latina favorita?

Jorge: La Frita Cubana,  AKA Cuban Burger