Giselle M. Rattis; 2021 Top Latina Lider in Florida!

What is your Hispanic Heritage: Brazil

What area of Florida do you live in: SWFL – Fort Myers

What is your profession: Contractor – Kitchen, Bath and Flooring

Latin Times Magazine: Tell us about what you do for a living and how you got into it

Giselle: I am the owner of G&R Design Services. We specialize in kitchen and Bath remodeling, we also sale and install flooring and solid counter tops such as granite, quartz, etc. We are currently working on the grand opening of our design center. Opening cocktail and ribbon cutting ceremony will be Oct 15th at 1pm. 

Latin Times Magazine: In your industry, what would you say separates you from your competition

Giselle: I’m believe I stand out as business owner because of my ability to understand the clients needs, I always put myself in their position, we strive for excellence in customer service and we always above and beyond to accommodate and work with each client and their need. To us, its not only about the size of the job, it is about the quality, the uniqueness, the feeling accomplishment we bring to each design/space we work in.  

Latin Times Magazine:  During Covid-19, tell us about your Biggest Challenge/obstacle and how you overcame it/or are overcoming it

Giselle:  This past year has not been easy for anyone. As business owner, mother, wife, daughter, entrepreneur I had to be careful and take in consideration everyone around me, including our employees and their family. I always say “ if there’s a will, there’s a way “. And that is exactly how I led myself to think specially those days that we had numerous job cancelations. We re – structured our business thru marketing, email campaigns, investing more in social media and branding myself. I’m happy to say that we were able to turn the situation around and we are now scoring double what we did the same time last year.    

Latin Times Magazine: Tell us about your biggest achievement, and how you achieved it (Covid or non-related)

Giselle:  My biggest achievement was over coming my fear of not being good enough. I have learned to love myself first and this happened after my struggle with a heart illness. In 2010 I had my 1st stroke, in 2018 I have the 2nd one. I decided that there was more to life then what I was living, I went to school and began this amazing journey that led me to where I am today.  “Fear has no control over me”

Latin Times Magazine:  What is next for you? What can people expect to see from you?

Giselle: My goal is to encourage woman nationally and internationally, to help them understand that they are much more and can achieve much more, its only a matter dedication. My plan is to continue growing as a person, woman, entrepreneur, and to expand the business to other cities and states.  

Latin Times Magazine:  What does being a U.S. Citizen mean to you?

Giselle: After waiting for 22 years to became a US citizen, it is hard to put in words how much I appreciate and the pride I feel. I love Brazil but I owe everything that I am and that I have become to this country, I’m forever thankful to my parents for making the decision to come to this country. To be a us citizen is to live free, to be able to trust and know that you are worth something, that you are valued. To have my daughter serve in the US Army makes it that much better and complete. 

Latin Times Magazine:  What is your opinion of the state of affairs in our nation?

Giselle: With the help of small-time corporations and/or family-owned businesses we can work towards enhancing the entrepreneurship of our nation in hopes of bettering the business ethic we hold dearly. As a businesswoman I value the relationship between small businesses and our government. I appreciate the support of our governor, Ron DeSantis and how he advocates for the improvement and growth of business big or small. 

Latin Times Magazine: What words of encouragement can you offer?

Giselle: “Success is not final; courage is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts” – Winston Churchill

“ Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow.” – Anthony Robbins

“ There is no shortage of remarkable ideas, what is missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

Latin Times Magazine:  Is there anything I didn’t ask that you would like to share?

Giselle:  I would like to take this opportunity and thank Latin Times Magazine and everyone involved in this nominations award for this amazing opportunity to allow for me to pave the way for future and up-coming Brazilian entrepreneurs.     

Latin Times Magazine:  What is YOUR comida Latina favorita?

Giselle: Paella