Eli Che Gonzalez is 2020 Top Florida Latino Lider!

2020 Top Florida Latino Lideres Award Recipient

Eli Che Gonzalez is a Latino Mover N’ Shaker from Tampa Bay, Florida.

Latin Times Media: Where are you and your family from? What is your Hispanic heritage?
Eli Che Gonzalez: My parents were born in Puerto Rico – Dad from Mayaquez and Mom from Ponce. I was born in Rochester, NY, but I grew up in Milford, MA.

Latin Times Media: Tell us about what you do for a living and how you got into it
Eli Che Gonzalez: I’m a ghostwriter and publisher. I did a favor for a former pastor and wrote his book – for FREE. The company that published his book is the largest Christian Publishing Company in the world, and when the managing editor read the book, she offered me a job. In 6 months, I became their Senior Ghostwriter. As a result, I’ve written books for ministry leaders known worldwide and conservative political leaders. I began freelancing six years ago. After a successful first year, I opened up my publishing company – The Ghost Publishing. Today, I employ seven people, and we’ve written, edited, and published hundreds of books.

Eli Che Gonzalez in Tampa, Florida is a recipient of
Latin Times 2020 TOP Florida Latino Lideres Award!

Latin Times Magazine: In your industry, what would you say separates you from your competition?
Eli Che Gonzalez: I’ve written 85 books for others, with more than 10 New York Times Best Sellers. I co-authored 5 books – with one of them a certified Best Seller, and I authored 2 books of my own, my most recent book, The Fierce Urgency of Now, debuted at #3 on Amazon. Two of the books I’ve written are in the process of becoming major motion pictures.

I also own the International Ghostwriter’s Association, where I teach people how to make a living as a ghostwriter. As a ghostwriter and publisher, it’s my breadth of hands-on experience. I say this with humility, but there aren’t many ghostwriters on the planet that can also claim that. As a mentor to writers, it’s my ability to communicate complex strategies effectively.

Latin Times Magazine: During Covid-19, tell us about your Biggest Challenge/obstacle and how you overcame it/or are overcoming it
Eli Che Gonzalez: I was worried when the quarantine was imposed because every client put their projects on hold. We brought in less than $200 in 30 days! I was scared for my employees. We pivoted, and I created an online course on how to beat Writers Block and become a productive writer. I also told
my clients we would continue to work for them in good faith and worked without pay. I also hired another full-time employee to keep production on pace. Every client has come back to the fold and has caught up on their invoices. We operated from a position of abundance and not fear, which has resulted in happier clients and more referrals!

Latin Times Magazine: Tell us about your biggest achievement, and how you achieved it (Covid or non-related)
Eli Che Gonzalez: My biggest achievement was in what I believe about myself. I don’t have a college degree and I had limiting beliefs that there was no way I could become a professional writer or run a business. Once I changed that way of thinking and gave myself permission to be successful in those