Longtime community leader Marytza Sanz, is a 2019 Latina Mover N Shaker, receives Leadership award from Latin Times Magazine!

Latin Times Magazine had the pleasure of catching up with Marytza Sanz recently -Marytza is a long time friend and it is with great pleasure that we are featuring her as one of our 2019 Latina Movers N Shakers! Latin Times Magazine: What part of Florida do you live in – are you from Florida? If not – what brought you to Florida? LTM: What part of Florida do you live in – are you from Florida? If not – what brought you to Florida?

Marytza Sanz: I Live in Orlando.  I am From Puerto Rico and we moved to Orlando because it was the place, we came to honeymoon and we felt in love with it and we wanted to raise our daughters here. I was born in Mexico raise in The Beautiful island of Puerto Rico My mom was from Puerto Rico my Dad from Lithuania and the Dad that raised me from Spain.

LTM: Tell me about what you do for a living

Marytza Sanz: I am the president and Founder of Latino leadership a non-for-profit organization.  Our Organization is the Starting point for families here in Central Florida.

LTM: Tell us about the biggest highlights of your career

Marytza Sanz: Been able to raise the Bar of our Latino Community, Helping the community understand the important role of been able to Volunteer their time

LTM: As a Latina leader in the community, business or other…what has been your biggest challenge and how have you been able to overcome it

Marytza Sanz: Been in front of a Latino organization fundraising has always been a challenge making Corporate America understand that our culture is unique and is easier to help a family when you are one of them and you understand their culture needs and you speak their language.

LTM: How important is being a Latina to you

Marytza Sanz: Very Important, I am Proud of my accent, the family values learned by mother and family and the Happiness and laughs that comes with it I feel that being a Latina gives you the power of being a Butterfly..

LTM: What is your favorite type of musica and what is your favorite song?

Marytza Sanz: Romantic music.  My Way

LTM: If you can go back to let’s say 18-21, what are some of the pivotal decisions that you have made that you would do differently

Marytza Sanz: I will not Marry at 18 like I did even do I have a great marriage and a Super Husband I will have travel the WORLD

LTM: What do you think some of the best career choices are for young Latinas

Marytza Sanz: depends of their interest and Talents

LTM: Tell us about what kind of projects you currently have going on

Marytza Sanz: We started an Autism Center called Santiago & Friends Family Center for Autism a mental health clinic we are building some   affordable housing and now in the phase of starting a clinic for people without insurance.

LTM: What can we expect to see from you in the future

Marytza Sanz: Been able to have some Time for me and do the traveling that I love so much

LTM: What is your comida favorita

Marytza Sanz: I love sea food everything from Puerto Rico and Italian Food

LTM: What famous person do you most identify with and why

Marytza Sanz:  Mother Theresa

LTM: What did I miss? Tell me something you want us to know!

Marytza Sanz: When I was young, I was a Beauty Queen in Puerto Rico now I am a Grandmother of 3 beautiful Kids a mother of two adorable daughters and the wife of a man that every day treats me like a Queen. I love life and my Passion has been able to serve those in need.

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