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Meet Dr. Christina Paylan, Candidate Florida Senate District 19.

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I was born in Istanbul, Turkey to Christian Armenian parents who escaped persecution of Christians from a socialist/communist government in Turkey. I was eight years old when my parents emigrated to California. I attended high school, college and medical school in California and then moved out of California for surgical training. I graduated medical school from University of Southern California in 1994 with high honors.

I then embarked on a long and grueling journey to become a female surgeon in a field that has been historically dominated by men. I trained in Trauma Surgery in New York and then came to Tampa General Hospital for plastic surgery training. In 2004, after finishing my fellowship in plastic surgery,  I opened up my private practice in Tampa, Florida.  I then became consumed by my private practice for the next decade or so.  

In October 2019, I announced my candidacy to run for Florida Senate in District 19. District 19 covers both Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties.

My platform is heavily geared against corruption especially in the court system. I am the only true anti-corruption candidate.

Based on my own personal experience with the State Attorney’s office in Hillsborough County, I know for a fact that the court system needs a total recall. Fixing it, bit by bit,  is not going to cut it anymore. Qualified and Absolute immunities have to be abolished, the prosecutors and judges have to be held accountable and even put on public trial in all cases of wrongful convictions, and we need to stop wasting our money on this so-called probation system which only feeds money into the judges, prosecutors and the court system so that they can entangle people more and more in order to suck out more and more money while financially incapacitating hundreds of thousands of District 19 citizens. We need to reallocate the money we are wasting in the criminal justice system into education and improving our communities, forming strong neighborhood networks for monitoring and guidance of the youth in the communities.

We need to re-focus on training and financing District 19 residents to be able to have their own small businesses. Small Businesses is the backbone of our economy and we need to feed it.

I am a first time political candidate and one thing for sure I can say is that I owe no favors to any other politician. I am fierce, fearless, and never, ever give up. I will represent the people of District 19 as they have never been represented before.

Christina Paylan, MD; Political Candidate Florida Senate District 19

Tampa Headquarters 2211 Mallory Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33605 St. Petersburg Headquarters 110 Pinellas Way North; St. Petersburg, Florida 33710

Social Media: Twitter: @statesenate2020 Facebook: christina paylan

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