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America’s Healthcare System at risk through Government run Healthcare

There was a time when in Florida and in this country, healthcare was affordable, and quality care meant something. Now the U.S. National Leaders and Politicians want to give Healthcare control to the U.S. Government. The fact is, Healthcare prices, access to care, and coverage needs to be competitive in the free market. By giving the U.S. Government control, Americans will face high costs, and access to healthcare will be more difficult. You cannot turn healthcare into an all in one natural approach without there being a financial disaster in 10 years with over $30 trillion in costs. Who is going to pay for this? The American Taxpayer, of course! Medicare will fall under government-run health insurance plans over private and employer-sponsored plans.

No Matter how you look at it, private and employer-based insurance sectors will have a difficult time competing financially with fully backed federal government-run healthcare. When the government runs healthcare, they don’t have to worry about the costs incurred by private insurers. Government insurance plans will diminish the options for patients once had, and since there would be no competition, only government plans would remain. There would be no control to keep healthcare costs from rising out of control. Both Medicare and Medicaid, which currently are at risk as it is, if government-run healthcare takes over, this will result in much higher chances and added problems, this would be completely irresponsible. Millions of elderly Americans would suffer and lose the benefits that they have worked for their entire lives. Our Senior citizens deserve to have quality and affordable healthcare coverage that is due to them. Government Insurance will add millions to an already unstable foundation.

Hospitals would be financially devastated and overwhelmed, not being able to provide quality care, laying off staff, and eventually closing their doors. There would be a mass exodus of doctors closing their practices causing a shortage which would become very difficult to find quality and affordable healthcare for patients who are already struggling with the costs involved for care. In summary, U.S. Government-run healthcare would ultimately undermine and diminish the strength and stamina of healthcare institutions in this country. This would also put many healthcare staff at risk of losing employment, Shortage of Doctors resulting in scarce patient care, not to mention hospital systems eventually having to shut down. A devastating effect would occur that will compromise what our country needs, quality, and affordable healthcare.

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