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On a BUDGET? Sam’s Club has great Summer FUN for family and friends in Florida!

Summer is HERE and its time for family fun and adventure -can you say vacaciones!?  Where is your familia headed -the beach, picnics, theme parks, what are your plans?  If you are staying in Florida and choosing to vacation on a budget then i have some suggestions for you.

Check out reviews below for GREAT Family FUN on a BUDGET:

Inflatable Jousting Set:  LOVED IT!!!                                                                                        Balance, Hit, Jab, and Laugh Your Way To Quality Family Time With The Big Sky Jousting 
The Inflatable Gladiator Jousting Set is a perfect accessory for any play date, the beach, a pool party, drinking game, the backyard or even indoors.  We loved that this compact, blow-up game was easy to travel with and it offered hours of challenging fun your friends and family.  This jousting battle ground set is for all people, of all ages, with all expertise levels. Whether doing it for exercise and endurance, or just for messing around, our jousting toy for two is a great way to spend quality time with friends and family.

I did have a concern about the weight limit, since my son (23) is 200+, my daughter (15) is about 200, and only my little one (11) is 140 lbs.  But they really had a great time -an nobody got hurt!  We had a BLAST!

Highly Recommended and available at Sam’s Club

a.       Less than $25

b.       Challenges balance, speed and strength

c.       Durable, safe and easy to travel with

d.       Great for all ages


6 Foot Beach Ball: LOVED IT!!!!!

This giant beach ball is a huge 6 feet in diameter and can turn any regular afternoon into a Mountain of fun.  Great for traveling and Great for MOST ages but  wouldn’t suggest for toddlers.  This is great for large areas, and group family and friends fun.  The ball takes a ton of air to inflate and therefore must be inflated using a pump (not included). recommended for ages 12+.

a.       Less than $20!

b.       Comes in multi-color and a red, white and blue design

c.       Perfect for the pool, beach and backyard



Jumbo Ring Toss: LOVED IT!!!!!!!

MORE BIG FUN with this Jumbo Ring Toss, which you can also use as floats!

a.       5 feet tall!

b.       Less than $20

c.       Fun oversized donut or fruit design

d.       Floats on water

e.       Inflatable post and five rings

f.        Easy to inflate

Giant Pool Float: LOVE IT!!!!!

And finally, when its time for relaxation, float all your cares away on this GIANT Unicorn Float!

a.       Less than $25

b.       Free shipping for Plus members

c.       Comes in multiple styles: Unicorn, dinosaur, peacock, swan, toucan, flamingo, elephant as well as a red, white and blue unicorn

Have a great SUMMER FUN! 

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