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Justina Machado “One Day at a Time”

Exclusive Interview with Justina Machado of “One Day at at Time”

Latin Times Media: Hola, my name is Jolie and I am the publisher/editor for Latin Times Magazine. We are a bilingual publication and I know a lot of our readers, online and in print, are going to love getting to know you. Why don’t you tell us how you it started for you…                                                                                  Justina Machado:  Hi, well I was told by my step dad that at 5yrs old I said I wanted to be an actress. I have this thing that was given to me by mom when I went home to Chicago, its from when I was five years old and it said that I wanted to grow up to sing Jimmy Mack and Saturday Night Fever. (I dated myself there) l I always knew I wanted to be in the entertainment industry I just didn’t know if I wanted to sing, I had singing groups but that went away.. Then a best friends mom called me and said there was an audition and I said why not? I was working at a bank in downtown at the time, I went, auditioned, got the part and never stopped.

Latin Times Media: Hahahha how funny                                                                                                                                                                                                              Latin Times Media:  I know that you are from Chicago, so am I, born and raised! What about your family?                                                                                Justina Machado: Yes! That’s right, ChiTown, haha, my parents are from Puerto Rico.

Latin Times Media: Whats your take on everything going on with the government and Puerto Rico?                                                                                                    Justina Machado: I wouldn’t want to speak on that because, ya know, but I do wish things were different its sad to me whats happening on the island and I hope that we, get a little help…

Latin Times Media: Yes, definitely, I understand..Well, When you left Chicago, how did your family react, how have they supported you since?

One Day At A Time

Justina Machado:  I was raised by strong women, they are Matriarchs. Mi abuelita linda took care of me most. But when I first left, they were like what are you doing??? Why are you leaving? They support me now and are so proud of me, haha. I have so much pride in them.

Latin Times Media: Family is everything, I have a strong Matriarch as well…So as we know the cast is amazing, how did it feel to work with such a cast?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Justina Machado: It feels like a dream come true, seriously. We put all this love into this project that we believed in so much and people are seeing it and are speaking on it. I always knew it was special. We have all of these amazing people and this amazing opportunity, were going to make this work! & with Netflix being so thoughtful nurturing, they just let us tell our story and now its out there!

Latin Times Media:  Que Bueno…How does it feel to be a role model? What message would you like for the audience to capture when they watch?

Justina Machado: I always wanted to do something important with the art… You always want to do something because you love it.. I’m ready for people to watch, see and know were not “Aliens”, it’s a universal story, were human beings, we all go through the same things although we might deal a little differently because of culture, but this is a human story as Norman Lear would say.

Latin Times Media: Yes, that’s beautiful… How would you describe your role and how would you say you relate to the character?                                                                                                  Justina Machado: A compassionate, rational, really smart, loving, generous veteran and mom.  Im not a mom but Im the oldest and I help my mom a lot. I think Life experience has helped me with this part.

Latin Times Media: What’s your take on performing in front of a live audience versus a closed set?                                                                                                                                                        Justina Machado: Seriously, I get a stomach ache right before I go on set and then it all goes away. It’s scary! When you’re in front of a single camera it’s just the crew, but now theirs people, and you can see them, but once you get out there and start saying lines you forget about it.

Latin Times Media:  I bet, well we are wrapping up, is there anything you would like to leave us with?                                                                                                                                                  Justina Machado: Thank You! Make sure to watch One Day at a Time!

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