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Dra. Alexandra Galletti; Soy Tu Sexologa!

Dr Alexandra Galletti is fueled by a burning desire to help and guide others in their journey towards the discovery of their better self….

She is a firm believer in the importance of self-love and a healthy self-esteem.

Dr. Galletti holds a doctorate degree in Psychology and is a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist. Dr Galletti’s passion and excellence are in her areas of expertise and have led her to make regular appearances on radio as well as local and television shows.

As it is expected, Dr. Galletti is very passionate about education and not only does she host regular seminars and workshops on diverse psychology and sexology topics, she is also a psychology professor at the graduate college level with over 7 years of teaching experience.

At heart Dr. Galletti’s motivation is quite simple, help others with their own special journey towards finding the best version of themselves…..

Latin Times Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down with La Dra. Alexandra Galletti, here is what she shared with us…..!

LTM: Tell us about your familia….

Dra. Alexandra Galletti: Both of my parents were immigrants who instilled the value of hard work and dedication into my upbringing from the very beginning.

My father is a French man who immigrated to Venezuela with his family at a very early age. My mother is a woman of Jewish descent who immigrated to Puerto Rico with her family when she was very young. My parents met in Puerto Rico during their time in college and subsequently got married, raising their children between Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

LTM: Tell us a little bit about your education…

Dra. Alexandra Galletti:  My journey through College began at a very young age, only 16 years old to be exact, this was due to the fact that during my time in elementary school I “skipped” two years/grades. I completed my undergraduate studies in Puerto Rico and later completed my Master’s degree and Doctorate degree in Psychology in the USA. I also completed a post-doctoral degree in Clinical Sexology and I am a Board Certified Clinical Sexologist.

LTM: What motivated you to study psychology?

Dra. Alexandra Galletti:  Since I was very young, I had a very strong interest in human behavior.  I wanted to understand why people behaved in certain ways and the mental processes behind said behavior.  My parents always told me that I was constantly intrigued by people’s behavior and I would constantly ask questions underlining this interest. I wanted to know, because I cared and wanted to help.  My parents have always described me as an altruist individual with a passion for helping others.

LTM: Why did you also specialize in Sexology?

Dra. Alexandra Galletti:  After I completed my doctorate degree in Psychology I was working with a lot of families and couples. I realized that sexual dysfunctions, and issues related to sexuality were very common in couples and a main part of marital issues. The problem laid in the fact that people were not getting the help they needed, because not every psychologist was adequately trained to help them with their sexuality.  If you combine this with the stigma that society casts around any issue related to an individual’s sexuality and you can see why most individuals have problems addressing issues related to sexuality, even in the presence of their psychologist. I decided the best way I could help address this glaring problem was by completing a post-doctoral degree in Clinical Sexology and later becoming Board Certified Clinical Sexologist.

LTM:  ¿What kind of people can you help?

Dra. Alexandra Galletti: In my practice I see all kinds of patients, however  since I worked at the Veterans Hospital for 7 years, it gave me the opportunity to be exposed to a unique variety of patients, many of them suffering from PTSD and a host of other ailments commonly associated with veterans after they return from war.  Working with veterans has been a truly life changing experience for which I am forever grateful.

Later on, I decided to embark upon a new journey and begin my private practice where I found my niche working with couples.  During this time, I also developed a passion helping to empower women and lending a hand in their goal of fostering a healthy self-esteem and positive self-worth.

LTM: How do you see your practice growing and evolving with the world?

Dra. Alexandra Galletti: As time goes by new therapy techniques, experience and diagnostics are available to better serve my patients. It’s an ongoing self-improvement, that combined with continuing education and years of experience allows me to obtain the latest tools to provide high-quality care to my patients.

LTM:  ¿why is it difficult for some people to talk about sex?

Dra. Alexandra Galletti: Many factors influence peoples fear to openly talk about sex.  There are strict socio-religious standards of morality that are imposed upon most members of society from a very early age, and these standards marginalize sexuality to a fringe taboo status in the scope of an individual’s everyday life. In this negative marginalization of anything related to sexuality the innate and natural needs of the human being are considered taboo, consequently inhibiting individuals desire and ability to freely talk about these topics without fearing being judged as sexual addicts or “perverted” individuals.

LTM:  Whats the most common question you get in your private practice, TV or radio show?

Dra. Alexandra Galletti:  As can be expected, I receive a varied assortment of questions from patients in my private practice, but a very common query reduces itself to: I am very sexual, and I have fantasies, does that mean I have an addiction to sex? Another common question is: Are human beings naturally monogamous or is it something that is taught and imposed by our society?

To get answers to these and other questions, reach out to Dr. Alexandra Galletti!


Dr. Alexandra Galletti, Clinical Sexologist/PhD Psychology.

Telf: +1 (813) 444-8111.
Dirección: 3434 W Columbus Drive Suite 107, Tampa Fl 33607.


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