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Ybor City to Honor Dominoes Past Popularity

Ybor City is proud to announce a permanent dominoes table, specially crafted for the district, will be installed in Centennial Park in early July. This initiative was suggested by an Ybor City advocate and third generation Tampa native, Leo Alvarez, as a way to resurrect the fond memories he had as a child when he would watch his “Tio” play the game.

The idea came to fruition when Alvarez was spending time at his son’s cigar rolling demonstrations where Alvarez would bring a dominoes set and table. He was amazed at the attraction around the game, both from locals and tourists, and thought the historic district could benefit from a permanent table in Centennial Park. Alvarez approached Ybor City Development Corporation(YCDC) to figure out a way to make his vision a reality.

After gaining traction for the idea, the next step was to find a designer for the project and in steps Tampa-based company The Urban Conga. The Urban Conga specializes in architecture and design that promotes “community activity and social interaction through play” and has done similar projects in downtown Tampa, the Tampa Bay Ray’s Stadium and on Riverwalk. The Urban Conga is based out of Ybor City, which made Swanson even more excited to take on the project. As a USF grad, Seminole Heights resident and Ybor City business owner, he expressed his enthusiasm about creating a project that will engage the community around him.


Thanks to community advocates such as Leo Alvarez and innovative firms likeThe Urban Conga Ybor City will welcome back a part of history that many original Ybor City families consider a foundation of their heritage. YCDC is honored to contribute to the return of this historic game as a way to create new memories and if wildly successful, more may be installed around the district in the near future. See you in the park!



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