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Sefardic DNA Project

We are looking to acquire 20,000 confirmations of Hispanic DNA that prove descendancy of Sefardic Jews from Spain; from the immigration of 1492.

These are a category of people recognized in Israel, as ‘Anusim’ – a legal term in Hebrew, which implies “the forced ones.” Those whose ancestors were forced to convert in the horrible “Spanish Inquisition.” The ancestors were tortured, drowned and burned alive at the stake.  Eventually they were expelled from the land of Spain in the year 1492. This resulted in an extremely unfortunate time in our history.

In choosing to become a part of and join the Sefardic DNA Project, you will embark upon an extremely unique journey, with your DNA, as no one else has before.

Your DNA will be entered into an incredible, first time endeavor where you will join the ranks of many other Hispanics, whom are experiencing an awakening in their veins because of the blood of Jacob running through them; feeling an intense, tremendous, inexplicable pull to leave their homes, apartments, haciendas, townhouses and condos in both South and Central America, including the Caribbean, Mexico and beyond!

These 20,000 confirmations of Hispanic DNA will be meticulously collected and delivered directly to our colleagues in the medical science field.

Intensely working side-by-side with us, in this phenomenal effort, our colleagues do and will continue to make progress in the great land of the historical origin of our forefathers, from Sefarad, the Holy Land of Israel.

The DNA collection and delivery system will be achieved through the efforts of the Sefardic DNA Research Center (a division of Aliyah Sefarad International – in partnership with EZRA International).

The relevant distinguished groups are: Spanish, Moroccan, Turkish and Greek Jews.

The group formulations are based on population immigration since the year 1492.

Each and every positive result compiled will be entered into a very special database, with all the pertinent information of each official willing individual choosing to participate.

The Israeli lab specializes in high performance testing, while utilizing innovative DNA chips that can detect more information at a greater efficiency rate, resulting in the utmost of accuracy.

The facility is an authorized registered Genetics Medical Laboratory (OSCD-GLP lab and ISO 9001 certified).

This highly acclaimed and prestigious lab currently carries out the largest number of genes tested in all of Israel. We are humbled and honored to be working together with such a distinguished laboratory in Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel).

The main goal of our “Sefardic DNA Project” is to present to the Israeli government, the findings of the DNA results  from Anusim in the hope that it can be considered and officially recognized to be entered into the law of return; also known as Aliyah. This will facilitate in the application process toward citizenship for Anusim, the descendants of Sefardic Jews.

For More Information please call:  (407)756-4789

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