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Exclusive Interview with Actress Doris Morgado

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Actress Doris Morgado


Latin Times Magazine: Tell us about your Family history where you come from?

Doris: I am of Cuban descent born in Venezuela, I was the first one born outside of Cuba. My grandfather was a well-known Doctor who helped a Guerrillero (Army who fought against Fidel Castro) who got injured fighting against Castro. When they found out he helped this Guerrillero, they accused him of being a CIA agent and he became a political prisoner sentenced to 30-40 years.  But, he could leave when Castro released all the political prisoners during Mariella. My father, being a college professor was asked to leave Cuba because of his education. They all left and got political asylum in Venezuela. It wasn’t until I was of five-years-old, that we moved to Miami, Florida


Latin Times Magazine:  What inspired you to become an Actor?

Doris: I wanted to be an actress since I can remember.  It wasn’t until I got older, seeing something so magical about movies and shows like Marvel comics or Cartoons with a lot of fighting scenes.  One time, when I was looking through my mom’s stuff I found my mother’s Illegal Alien card, so when I first saw the words “Illegal Alien”, I thought that meant being an actual alien. So, I even believed that I had superpowers like “Storm”.  My brother and I made ID cards that said Legal Alien and we would show people our home made ID cards and say.. ”See, we are legal aliens” It was later that we realized “ OH that’s what it meant. (Laughing)


Latin Times Magazine: Tell us about any new movies and projects your working on?

Doris: “Logan” is a Wolverine movie and which just came out on March 3rd, 2017, it was amazing to have worked in this because when I grew up collecting all the Marvel comic book series. “Trouble Creek” which is an amazing web series on You Tube directed by the Amazing Stacy Black who wrote it into script from the books of New York Best Selling Author Culey Cull. “Legacy” is a nice action fight film, being my “go to thing” has been sports all my life.  “Misguided Behavior” deals with a good-bye list and was shot in Las Vegas. That is where I actually met the teacher who works with the at risk youth.


Latin Times Magazine: Who is your favorite Marvel Character:

Doris: My favorite was Storm, growing up we only had the choice of watching telenovelas or Cartoons. Being the little sister of older brothers they would give me the girl superhero cards because they didn’t want them. The superheroes were generally all fair skinned and white but I loved Storm because she was different.


Latin Times Magazine: Tell us about a funny moment during filming a movie?

Doris: For the longest time, I would love to sing and thought I sounded really good even though my friends and family would say “Stick to your acting” So, while I was working on the set of 2 Guns with one of my favorite movie actors Denzel Washington. We were on the set, in a house where they were filming a scene, I went into the bathroom ecstatic that I was going to meet Denzel Washington and started singing my heart out unknowing that they had already called “Cut”, I walked out of the bathroom and there was Denzel Washington with Mark Wahlberg sitting a few feet from where I was, just looking at me and smirking. I looked at them and said “Hello” Thinking to myself at that moment“ OMG, I’m not a good singer am I? “ I messed up my chance to leave a good impression with Denzel” Later on I was introduced to Denzel “So Denzel have you met Doris”, Denzel smiling, I said “ Yes Denzel I am not a good singer, I apologize but, I was just happy about getting to work with you.” (Laughing)


Latin Times Magazine: Please tell us about the work you do with at risk youth, victims of human trafficking, and Animal rescue?

Doris:  I was working with a lady on set who worked with at risk youth, they would tell her that it made no sense to finish school, if they are going to turn out like their parents did, and young teenage girls wanting to get pregnant.  So, it was my duty to talk to them and share my life story, showing them that hard work pays off, interviewing for jobs you think you’re not going to get. To get somewhere you should be patient and put in the time, you have to work at it, it was great to speak light and life into them.  By telling them, if I could do it so can you!


I also speak to young women who have been involved in sex trafficking, talking to them about the love that God has for them, all they must do is show up and it’s amazing how they are there to listen. I work with a faith based organization that helps women who are in sex trafficking and they are amazing because all they do is show the love of God and never in a Judgmental way. Women’s lives are changed because of this. The Animal Rescue I work with is an organization that raises funds helping to rescue animals and raises awareness in the communities about Animals who need their help.


Latin Times Magazine: What is your favorite Latin Food and do you like Cuban Sandwiches?

Doris:  YES and YES! (Laughing) My favorite of a typical Cuban Dish, Bistec a la Palomia, Sautéed onions, rice, and plantains. Of course for desert a Batida de Mame and a pasta guava with cream cheese.


Latin Times Magazine: What advice can you give young up and coming Latino Actors?

Doris: My Advice to them is to find a good acting school, work at acting and prepare yourself. Perfect practice makes a good actor. When your acting you must be at the top of your game. It requires work. When Actors who have been acting for years are not working they still practice acting that is what makes them great. Acting takes work and practice.


Latin Times Magazine: Who has been your hero and inspiration in your life?

Doris: My mom is my hero, I admire her because she came with $200 in her pocket and she made a lot of sacrifices. She had Lupus and had to endure a lot but still raised two kids not even speaking English, she is my hero.

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