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Never mind, who is dating who in the Latino Hollywood Scene! Are you single? Then who are you dating?

Never mind, who is dating who in the Latino Hollywood Scene!  Are you single? Then who are you dating?


It’s only been a few months since the soft launch of the popular new website “” and already the niche social relationship website has experienced a tremendous welcome from not only the nation, but also from Latin America and the world in general. has watched in amazement as its membership has grown, spreading throughout the world, receiving registrations from bilingual singles in 24 countries so far, including Europe, the far east, Latin America as well as in 32 states within the United States!   The site is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.  See English growth video here!


The widespread acceptance and popularity confirms that the Latino/Hispanic and Caribbean communities have long needed a social relationship site that focuses on the core values, language and culture of these beautiful communities. is an open social platform that respects its members’ religious beliefs and sexual orientation. Founder, Hig Rodriguez-Dillinger shared the goal of the new website, “ is unique, in that it focuses on the highlighting each members’ individual qualities.  The goal of the website is for bilingual people to find love, and to develop friendships and relationships in the social setting that we have all become accustomed to. The difference between and other bilingual dating sites is that, we encourage the development of relationships in an environment that allows all members to feel welcome.  We don’t encourage the exploitation of men or women, and we do not allow our members to post overly provocative or trashy pictures.  We encourage all members to celebrate their rich culture and to openly share they’re hopes and dreams.”


The site is focused on contributing to the overall betterment of the Latino / Hispanic and Caribbean communities so they can continue to hold onto their rich traditions, cultural heritage, religion, family and personal values.


LatinConexiones is the first bilingual website available that encourages its members to feel comfortable enough to be “real” and themselves, in an environment that allows them to be recognized and appreciated for qualities and values beyond the physical and attributes often emphasized and highlighted in other “dating” sites.  The site is also committed to empowering its members to build their profiles to fully feature and present all of the good things they can bring to a loving, long-term relationship.


Support is available to guide members on posting photos that complement that first impression.  In addition, offers one of the most extensive guides to help members build the perfect profile so that others will be interested enough to enter into communication with them.  For many people it is very difficult to be objective about themselves so they do not write enough, or they write too much, offers support.


We did not set out to change the face of dating sites for the Latin / Hispanic and Caribbean communities but we do feel that those communities are better served with the care and concern that we have at


Singles interested in developing a relationship are encouraged to become a member at:



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