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Miriam Campos Galindo I am the CEO of Tiny Girl Fashion Enterprises!

My name is Miriam Campos Galindo I am the CEO of Tiny Girl Fashion Enterprises.

I am a social Media Influencer from New York City, which is where I began my passion for food and fashion. I manage the Miami Foodies and Fashionistas group on Facebook, due to the groups success and popularity I was interviewed by Facebook official twice and managed a TV cameo on CBS.

I was honored to be a VIP judge at Cuban Sandwich Festival Calle Ocho and Tampa. As a Latino Influencer I really enjoyed seeing all the Latinos coming together and giving back to the community by building A 150 foot long sandwich that was then donated to a homeless shelter. I think that was a very symbolic and life changing thing for me. For many people a sandwich might just be a Sandwich but to a person that may be less fortunate it can mean hope for a better day. I look forward to next year and maybe we make a new record but the goal for me is to will continue to inspire people threw food and fashion.

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