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José Resendez; Pop Culture and Lifestyle Influencer

José Resendez here, still stuffed and filled with joy after judging the Miami Cuban Sandwich Smackdown at Calle Ocho 2017 in Little Havana!

As a pop culture social media influencer and lifestyle blogger, I’m often invited to taste the latest culinary arts that South Florida has to offer, especially from celebrity chefs. However, in this case, the celebrity wasn’t the chef, it was the Cuban sandwich itself, 12 of them to be exact. Every single sandwich was unique, some traditional and some non-traditional, yet all tying back to that authentic Cuban flavor of this popular bite. Needless to say, the more traditional and authentic it was, the more I liked it. Alongside the Mayor of Miami, I sat amongst other VIP judges, devouring every sandwich and putting my tastebuds to the test. I’ve judged a croqueta competition before, so I knew how fierce this challenge would be. Personally, I prefer extra pickles, a perfect amount of mustard, and the softer-less-toasty the bread was, the better!

My favorite thing about judging was sharing the experience on my Snapchat (username: JoseResendez) and on my blog ( because all of my followers kept asking for restaurant info and I enjoyed pointing them to local community businesses. As an ambassador for the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, it was indeed an honor. Thank you for having me, I look forward to the next Cuban Sandwich Festival!

José Resendez is a pop culture and lifestyle influencer, on and off the web. As a communications expert, José was named AdWeek 30-Under-30 2015 and Alegria’s Most Inspiring Latinos 2016.

Follow his must-see adventures on Instagram (@TheJoseResendez) and Twitter (@JoseResendez).

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