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Predicting Galaxy S8 Customer Service Issues By Demographic

Predicting Galaxy S8 Customer Service Issues By Demographic

DeviceBits looked at which customer service self-support materials specific demographics searched for during the Galaxy’s most recent smartphone launch, the S7. Based on this insight driven by the powers of machine learning, companies like Samsung can now use data to plan their launches to run a little more smoother, knowing which demos are going to have certain types of customer support issues.

Age groups and their biggest customer support needs for the Samsung Galaxy S7:

Age Group:

18 – 24: Logging into hotspots; Finding the serial number; Access point settings

25 – 34: Updating firmware; resetting factory settings; Access point settings

35 – 44: Call forwarding; Access point settings; Finding SIM card/number

45 – 54: Access voicemail; call forwarding; Wifi calling

55 – 64: Change ring volume; download ringtones; Set up voicemail

65+: Make calls; set up voice mail; add contacts

“Customer support is often thought of as an ‘after-the-sale’ function from most brands,” said JC Ramey, CEO of DeviceBits. “However, when data is analyzed and used as a predictive measure, brands can be better prepared to handle customer support requests on the front end. With today’s self-support online materials, brands can leverage machine learning and algorithms as a way to provide a better customer experience and support future sales in many cases.”

DeviceBits recently unveiled its latest white paper: Self-Support Automation: The New Strategy Powering Customer Service. The white paper highlights the transition companies are undergoing today to ease the burden of traditional customer service into more of a self-service support environment desired by consumers. Click here to access the white paper.

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