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Latino54 Host: Franco Silva

Latin Times Magazine:   Tell us about your Family history where you come from?

Franco Silva:   I was born on a rainy April morning in New York City’s Spanish Harlem, Metropolitan Hospital to be exact.  My parents are both from the island of Puerto Rico, mom is from Rio Piedras and Pops was from Vega Baja.   I grew up on. Manhattan’s famed Lower East Side.


Latin Times Magazine:  What inspired you to get into Radio and become a DJ personality?

Franco Silva:  My first DJ Gig was in 1976 it was a house party at my sister-in-law’s apartment on 12th Street and Avenue D.   I really enjoyed making people dance and quickly became one of the neighborhoods favorite DJs doing House Parties, sweet sixteen’s weddings and Street Jamz.  I worked with different promoters doing private parties and even DJ’d at New York City’s famed Studio 54 a few times. I was exposed to Great radio DJs growing up people like Frankie Crocker, Paco Navarro, Rodger Dawson, Alan freed, and Dick Clark were among my favorites.  I remember staying up late to watch Johnny Carson interview his guests on The Tonight Show the music always came first.  I don’t know if I would consider myself a radio personality but I’m pretty sure, I have one a personality that is.


Latin Times Magazine:  Tell us about the Music you love?

Franco Silva:   I love lots of different kinds of music, like most people I have a wide taste in music I believe Beauty can be found in all types of music.  Music is love, music is Mystery, music is Life, music is history.   Symphony orchestras to A Cappella music and everything in between, I love it all,  I have a special place in my heart for afro-cuban music and dance oriented R&B.


Latin Times Magazine:  Who were some of the entertainers you have had on your shows?

Franco Silva:  Eddie Palmieri, Nick Jimenez from the Joe Cuba sextet, Benjamin Lapidus. Larry Harlow, Willie colon, May ito Rivera from Los Van Van, Dagoberto Valdes from Elio Reverse Y Su Charangon, Charo, Gumbi Ortiz, Pedro Bullardy, Ray Vega, America Ferrera, Ismael Mirada, Bobby Rodriguez, ALBERTO Santiago and Graciela Perez of the Machito orchestra and the great Cuban arranger Chico O’Farrell. Monica Dasilva and stolen idols with the list of entertainers I have had Latin rock band Espiritu’s as well the great Tito Puente and all just off the top of my head


Latin Times Magazine:  What was one of the funniest moments you have had during a radio show?

Franco Silva: There is fun and there is funny!  I guess it would be a 10-minute interview with Larry Harlow and no one hearing his side of the conversation, and fun would have to be having an entire band in the studio I think going to be Gumby Ortiz and his band were the most fun. They are just a great fun-loving bunch of guys.


Latin Times Magazine:  You have a whole new Radio Show, please tell us about it?

Franco Silva: I have been blessed with a new opportunity in radio I am currently doing a brand new show on wjm 99.1 FM Wednesdays 7 p.m. the show can be heard on the Tune In app as well on that show I go back to my RMB roots and play lots of great classic R&B along with a taste of Latin such as reggaetón salsa in English and Latin jazz the name of that show is “on the Latin side” with Franco Silva……. the Latino 54 show on wmnf is entering its 23rd year and can be heard on wmnf HD4 (airs locally Mondays at 9 a.m. with a repeat telecast at 7 p.m.) and available on demand 24/7 at on the world-wide net.


Latin Times Magazine:  What is your favorite Latin Food and do you like Cuban Sandwiches?

Franco Silva: Well I am Puerto Rican so at the top of my list would have to be rice and beans if you think rice and beans are boring you have never met my mom she can cook rice and beans in about as many ways as Bubba can cook shrimp in the Forrest Gump movie.   I love vegetables and bacalao and of course who could turn down a beautiful Cuban sandwich with Cafecito on the side.


Latin Times Magazine:  What advice can you give young up and coming Latino DJ’s?

Franco Silva: My advice for up-and-coming Latino DJ’s would probably be my advice for up-and-coming anything always do your best go to school have respect for the people that you work with never assume anything about your listener’s people are always a lot more open-minded than we think never BS your listeners there is always someone out there listening that knows more about this stuff than you do and for Christ sakes be nice.


Latin Times Magazine:  Who has been your hero and inspiration in your life?

Franco Silva: My inspiration comes from the almighty Creator who shows us love every single day heroes are all around us and among them we must remember Shiro’s my wife Wanda, my mother Juanita, my daughter day Delisa, and my son Daniel and all those wonderful people that have helped me along the way Maestro Tito Puente, Jon Fausty the recording engineer, Dick Clark, Johnny Carson, my friends who have supported me in good times and in bad.


Latin Times magazine has been supporting me in my radio Adventure since the beginning, my family all of them and especially the people with whom I share my love of this great music and culture the people who take the time to tune in, time is the most important thing we have thank you for giving me a little bit of yours.




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