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  1. What makes your Cuban Sandwich so special that you have featured as one  of the big winners at the 6th Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival? 

    –Our signature Cuban Sandwich is special to win 2nd Place in the category of Traditional/World’s Best Cuban Sandwich because everything that goes into it, from the bread to the mustard, is 100% house-made following our signature blend of seasonings using only the highest quality of ingredients in order to bring out the integrity and flavor of each component. -Executive Chef James Lazaros

What do you enjoy most about competing at the Cuban Sandwich Festival and what does winning mean to you? 

-The best part of competing in this year’s Cuban Sandwich Festival was getting to see first hand the following that the Cuban Sandwich has. It is a comfort food staple with the ability to bring people together. We also enjoyed seeing the different interpretations of the class Cuban Sandwich from other competitors. La Flor is a small, family owned and operated restaurant. Winning makes us want to put even more love and hard work into making our Cuban Sandwiches to offer the best possible product to the people of Polk County.

-Executive Chef James Lazaros

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