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Michael Strahan and Sara Haines are pictured during the production of "LIVE with Kelly and Michael" in New York on Thursday, August 13, 2015.Photo credit: David M. Russell-Disney/ABC Home Entertainment & TV Distribution.

What makes your Cuban Sandwich so special that you have featured as one of the big winners at the 6th Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival.  

My Cuban sandwich is the  perfect fusion of two great world famous sandwiches the American hamburger and the Cuban sandwich. The secret is in the 455 sauce. The Cuban missile will hit the target every time. Number one in Orlando took second place in the worlds final and winner on ABC live with Kelly show making me Americas Grill Star.

I love the Fact that you don’t have to be a big restaurant or food truck to win. We rolled up in a pickup truck my wife and a few friends and  took home silver in the worlds finals. We had an opportunity to go up against people who cook for a living and beat all of them but one. The event was a great place to introduce my 455 sauce to a new market we sold 175 bottles one at a time . Everyone was very nice and fun to work with.

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