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A picture is worth a thousand words: Photo Tips that catch the eye featured in

A picture says a thousand words! Your profile photo is your business card and first impression. So here are some tips to make your dating photo look professional and irresistible!

Red eye

The best way to avoid red-eye is to focus on something just beyond the camera so the flash doesn’t produce dilation. If you still get red eye in your photo, check your phone or camera as there is usually a feature to remove red eye phenomena.

Natural Light

There are many opinions regarding natural lighting from the great outdoors and manufactured lighting inside.  Here again there are some gender differences.  Generally, women react favorably to photos of men outside.  They like the idea of ruggedness while men like photos of women inside showing their softer side.  There are many photo ops on this site so there is room for flexibility.  If it is an indoor shot utilize the natural light from a nearby window but be sure it shines well on the subject.  An indoor photo without natural light appears softer if that is what you wish to show.  Outdoor natural light at its brightest can reveal shadows so wait until the sun is lower in the sky.


There’s a lot to be said about selfies – you can do them right and they look awesome, or you can do them wrong and they look terrible. A key tip is that when you take a selfie, make sure you hold your phone in such a way that it doesn’t distort the picture. Tilting the phone down will give you a bigger head; tilting the phone up will make your body seem out of proportion to your head. Holding the phone straight in front of you with two hands will not only give you a well-proportioned picture, it will also ensure that the photo doesn’t show your arms sticking out forward, which will look odd.

Good selfie - well proportioned

Good selfie – well proportioned

Bad selfie - arms out of proportion

Bad selfie – arms out of proportion


What to wear? 

Everyone has color combinations that flatter or enhance the color of the skin, eyes and hair.  So pick the colors that look best on you and avoid clothing with big patterns.  Remember that horizontal lines accentuate body width and vertical lines accentuate body height and a slimmer appearance. If you’re slim, wear something that accentuates your slim body. If you are more than slim, wear looser clothes that don’t cling or wrap around your body – you will look slimmer that way!

Primary Photo

c191770ea92520e49d3f46321d1d6e30A headshot, i.e., a photo of just your head like the girl above, is great for the primary photo.  Let that be the only headshot unless there is an interest in demonstrating different hairstyles or other changes.  Select makeup and accents that are as close to natural as possible.  This will serve the potential relationship well as hopefully the partner will eventually see you close to natural.  That first impression can be validated over and over again.  Have the camera positioned at a slight angle and typically photos that shoot slightly down at the subject are more favorable.  Be mindful of what is in the background so nothing distracts from looking at your face

Second Photo

LatinoInclude a full-body photo as your second photo.  Remove the mystery as immediately as possible so the viewer doesn’t have to do any guesswork.  Remember, if the first impression is made complex in any regard the viewer will move on before reading the rest of your profile.

If there is a desire to appear slimmer do not face the camera directly.  Stand with the body facing slightly to the right or left of the camera angle and leave the feet in place while turning only the top portion of the body toward the camera

Supporting photos

This is an opportunity to show the rest of who you are.  Show your passionate interests, your hobbies, your leisure preferences, what you do with your friends, family and the many different facets to your life.  LatinConexiones provides unlimited photos so why not take advantage to enhance your first impression.  This opportunity should be taken seriously and there is no magical number for how many photos.

Utilize as many as can accurately depict who you are and remember using current photos is the best policy. Most people are not one-dimensional personalities.  Show who you are by using different settings or doing something you love to do.  Demonstrate your confidence about who you are.  Do not show similar photos to others you have already posted.  This area of photos does not necessarily need to have you in every photo.  If you have captured something with your camera that has touched your heart or your soul then share it.  Ultimately your new partner wants to know what lives inside you.  What you are doing in the photos affects how the whole of you is perceived.

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