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Award-winning journalist and fine artist Gilda Baum-Lappe was born in Mexico City. From an early age, her favorite past times were interviewing people and drawing. Notebooks and a tape recorder were her favorite belongings. Baum-Lappe studied Social Communication Sciences in Mexico while working in the newspaper The Herald (El Heraldo de Mexico) where her special reports, columns and interviews were illustrated with her own photographs. Baum-Lappe was also a radio broadcaster and worked at Televisa as a correspondent where she produced specials on artists such as David Hockney, Frank Stella and Baldessari. Her passion for art took her to Madrid, Spain where she lived for eight years studying fine art while being a correspondent for Televisa. As a filmmaker, she co-produced Valentina (Crónicas del Alba) and Sueño de Tánger. Back in the United States, she settled in Los Angeles where she produced and directed Rudyard Kipling’s children’s play The Jungle Book, while continuing to write for magazines and newspapers such as ABC (Spain), Reforma (Mexico) and Hello! Magazine. As a fine artist she is the author and illutrator of the WOMAN: I AM, I AM HERE and HERE I GO daily inspirational cards published world-wide by Un Camino de Luz.

Ms. Gilda Braum-Lappe has the distinct honor of being the first Mexican Female Journalist to become a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in 1980. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual Golden Globe Awards have enabled the non-profit organization to donate more than $23.9 million in the past twenty-seven years to entertainment-related charities, as well as funding scholarships and other programs for future film and television professionals. In the year 2015 the donations reached a total of over $2 million in grants destined to non-profits, institutions and charities. Known worldwide for its glittering Golden Globe Awards ceremony held every January and its multi-million dollar donations to charity, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association had humble origins that stemmed solely from a group of journalists’ desire to efficiently and accurately cover all aspects of the world of entertainment.

Ms. Baum-Lappe is available for interviews about her career and the upcoming Golden Globe Awards starting December 27th.

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