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The National Pork Board Unveils ¡Sabrosos Momentos!

The National Pork Board Unveils ¡Sabrosos Momentos! to Celebrate Any Moment – Big Or Small – With Pork This Holiday Season

Study shows that Hispanics lead the way when it comes to celebrating holiday traditions; blending American and Latino flavors is their favorite part


Even though the big holidays usually get the spotlight, there are many everyday moments big or small worth celebrating throughout the fall and winter months. This is why the National Pork Board (NPB) today launched the “Sabrosos Momentos” campaign aimed at celebrating those joyous every day, and sometimes humorous, moments of the season. To bring these moments to life, the NPB has partnered with three of the most recognizable social media celebrities and digital talents in the country today: LeJuan James, Los Pichy Boys and David Lopez.

Experience the interactive Multimedia News Release here:


The celebrity influencers will capture their own pork-centric “Sabrosos Momentos” with a comical and unique Latino twist. The first video by the Cuban duo “Los Pichy Boys” will zero in on the cast of characters that make up a typical Latino family at any get-together. In November, LeJuan James will release a video that centers on how he welcomes unexpected guests; and in December, David Lopez’s video will highlight a humorous interpretation of how Latinos combine new and old traditions.

In addition, Angelica Vale, renowned Mexican actress, comedian, singer and pork lover, will kick off the campaign this week with a media event in Miami where she will share her own “Sabrosos Momentos.”



Hispanics lead the way when it comes to celebrating holiday traditions – and pork is at the center of those celebrations. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the NPB confirms that food and tradition are a strong part of Hispanic culture. Hispanics are more enthusiastic about holiday traditions than the general population, with 62 percent citing they enjoy making traditional recipes during the holidays. Creativity in blending cultures also plays a part, with 52 percent saying that their favorite part of Thanksgiving is combining American and Latino foods and recipes.


“Pork is a staple at every Latino household, whether it is a daily meal for your family or at a celebration,” said Jose de Jesus, director of multicultural marketing at the National Pork Board. “That is why in addition to the humorous and engaging videos, we will unveil delicious, easy-to-make pork recipe ideas and quick how-to recipe videos to help consumers impress family and friends anytime throughout the fall and winter months.”


Celebrate all “Sabrosos Momentos” this season with delicious and easy-to-make pork recipes from, which also includes hyperlapse how-to recipe videos that will keep you in a festive mood all season long. Featured recipes include:

Coffee-Crusted Pork Roast with Cranberry Relish. Looking for a recipe that will delight your palate? Try this Coffee-Crusted Pork with Cranberry Relish: a dish that every coffee enthusiast will enjoy preparing. The secret is in the spice and ground coffee rub used to season the pork loin, which produces a delicious flavor-enhancing crust. Slice the loin thinly and serve with cranberry relish. This dish will surely impress everyone!

Pork Shoulder with Wine Gravy. Do you need a good reason to celebrate during the holidays? Try this Pork Shoulder with Wine Gravy: a family recipe influenced by Spanish traditions. Five cups of white wine – preferably Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio – bring this dish to life and enhance the flavors of garlic, stone ground mustard and other fresh spices making this pork shoulder a true celebration.

Pork Leg with Chiles and Chocolate. Can you think of a better word than “juicy” to describe this Pork Leg with Chiles and Chocolate? The answer can be found after seasoning the pork leg with a succulent paste made up of butter, lemon juice, cinnamon, honey, and of course, chiles and chocolate, among other exquisite ingredients. The result is a mouthwatering dish that will have your guests craving for more.

The video series will also appear on the @PorkTeInspira social media channels and website throughout the holiday season. To join the conversation, like our Facebook page at, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest @PorkTeInspira using the hashtag #SabrosoMomentos. For influencer and recipe videos, visit our website or YouTube channel.

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