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One on One with Cuban Actor Roberto Escobar

One on One with Cuban Actor Roberto Escobar

By Victor A. Padilla


Latin Times: Roberto, please tell us about your family and where you come from?

Roberto Escobar: I was originally born in Cuba, then we left Cuba when I was three years old, we came to Florida but my Father due to the language barrier it was easier to move to Puerto Rico until I was fourteen years old. Then we came back to Miami.


Latin Times: Tell us about the new Telemundo TV series “Silvana Sin Lana” your acting in?

Roberto Escobar: “Silvana Sin Lana” Is Telemundo’s number one comedy show right now, very fresh, funny, and has something for everyone, all ages. I play Antonio José Villaseñor which is a rich man who made some bad deals and he winds up selling everything, his house, all the property without telling the family. The Family goes from well off to learning how to make ends meet and when he returns they aren’t very happy with him. Very Interesting, comes on 8 eastern time, 7 central time Telemundo.


Latin Times: You have done over 40 films and shows in your career, tell us about an experience you had in one of your films that stick in your memory, Funny, etc.,

Roberto Escobar: There is so many, every show has one, it can be when you do comedy or even in Serious films. A lot of the places I have been shooting a film, I remember we were filming a film in the desierto in Columbia, way over hundred degrees and I had La Ultimo Coca-Cola de desierto and believe me I had the last one. I hid it and learned from that experience that if you have it, drink it. It’s been a very nice career for me and will keep on till I’m a hundred.


Latin Times: Are there any new projects you are involved in currently?

Roberto Escobar: I just got done filming “Perseguida” In Columbia. I play a Psychiatrist that is treating a patient that thinks they are being followed constantly, an action thriller that is turning out quite well. Previously I was filming “11 Degrees of Guilt” About a High School reunion years after they graduated and there is a murder that happens during the reunion and everyone is a suspect. My upcoming Projects are Sandera about Human Trafficking, where woman are forced onto prostitution, then I will be filming “Crocodylus” playing Police Chief “McAvoy” and it’s about a huge prehistoric type animal that is released in the swamps. I like to play a variety of different character and in different roles, being diverse.


Latin Times: What is your favorite Latin Food and how do you like Cuban Sandwiches?

Roberto Escobar: Cuban Sandwiches? OHHH I sure do, Please, c’mon. I love authentic Cuban Food, black Beans and rice, to stones, Platoons Maduro’s, Vaca Frita. Sometimes I love a Cuban Sandwich for a Midnight snack.


Latin Times: What advice can you give up and coming Latino actors?

Roberto Escobar: Ask yourself, why are you doing this? Do you want to do it for the fame or tell stories and create characters? Fame isn’t everything, if it is to tell stories and create characters then fame will come, the opportunities will come, but you have to study. You will be learning all the time. Acting is easy, but becoming the character, involved in the role, study every aspect of acting and filming, and listening in what others tell you. Never stop Studying, I never had anybody to take me under their wings, so I made mistakes and learned from them. Then I went to acting school and learned under a great teacher Teresa Maria Rojas who inspired many writers and actors.


Latin Times: Who in your life has been your hero and inspiration?

Roberto Escobar: My Father, he had to come out of Cuba, leaving everything behind, and raised a family, he opened a business in Puerto Rico. When we moved to Miami, despite the language barrier he put us through school, he raised us with good morals, he was a wise man, he and was our rock. My mom of course who is the nicest person you can meet.

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