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Latin Times Magazine, Vol 15 – 4th Qtr 2016


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and happy 15th Anniversary to Latin Times Magazine!

web4thqtr2016letter-from-la-editora2-copyHola my friends and Thank you for another great Year! (Check out the e-Magazine here!)

It is hard to believe that we are again on the “eve” of another new year, time passed so quickly in 2016!   Our 2016 went by in a flash, a great flash as we celebrated Latin Times Magazine 15th year anniversary and were honored to feature some great EXCLUSIVE interviews with talented U.S. Hispanics / Latinos such as; Oscar Torre, Clifton Collins, Jr, Ivonne Coll, Jaina Lee Ortiz, Chuti Tui, and MORE!

In 2016 we also celebrated 6 years of hosting the now world famous Cuban Sandwich Festival and 3 years of hosting our Smackdowns; which are now in Orlando and Miami, Florida, and 6 years of making the Biggest Cuban Sandwich in the World, which is 2016, we made the Biggest Cuban Sandwich in the world first at Valencia College, in Orlando, Florida and the sandwich measured 120 Ft.  We later made the Biggest Cuban Sandwich in the world, beating the Orlando record at HCC – Ybor Campus.  That sandwich measured 128 ft.  Both the Sandwiches were cut up and donated to feed the homeless.  In 2016, Latin Times Media, Inc., and the Cuban Sandwich Festivals, along with the support and donation of our sponsors and supporting restaurants, we were able to feed almost 800 homeless people!


How was your 2016? Tell me about it at: -and I will post inspirational stories to our website:

What will 2017 bring our nation? What will it bring our community? 

Not for nothing, but this is the worst and hardest decision ever.  VOTING for our NEXT President.  Even as this issue goes to press, we are still undecided, still studying and praying about this decision, looking at all 4 candidates, even the 2 that “cannot win”, the decisions are so hard to make, I hear that from a lot of different people.  Personally, I like Hillary, but I am scared of all the stories they say about her, if they are true, then we are in trouble, if they are not true than America will being to heal.  As for “el Trompo” I have had this love/hate thing going on in my mind when it comes to him.  El Trumpo has his strengths which is the ability to build strong and much needed alliances and to bring a breath of fresh air by creating a dramatic change to Washington, pero he has no self-control, and he looks down on 75% of America, women, minorities, etc., he is an elitist who has learned how to use his money and power well and often against our minority communities, which include women, African Americans, Hispanics and others.   The debates only allow for these two (2) parties to participate in nationally covered debates, but I wish the nation had the opportunity to have all four (4) candidates’ debate.  That way the little guys have a fair shot as well.   That being said, this election is in God’s hands, use your vote wisely, vote your conscious, whoever that is, candidate 1,2,3 or 4 – study, and pray about your decision, what is meant to be -will be, and at the end of the day it does not matter who is president, because Jesus is still the king.

Do you love Cuban Sandwiches? Join us for one of our upcoming Cuban Sandwich Festivals!

Metro Orlando, Florida 2nd Annual Orlando Cuban Sandwich Smackdown: Saturday, Feb 25th, 2017 for our 2nd Annual Cuban Sandwich Smackdown in Orlando, Florida.  The event will be taking place at Valencia College: 1800 S. Kirkman Rd, Orlando, FL.  This is a Free Family event, with a dedicated area for kids! In 2017, we will also be integrating ART into the festival and will feature many local talents.  The Mayor of Orlando has proclaimed February: Cuban Sandwich Month.  Come and watch us as we attempt to make the BIGGEST Cuban Sandwich in the World, our goal is 130 ft.


Tampa Bay, Florida; 6th Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival

VIP Opening Night:  Friday, March 31st, 2017 (location TBA)

Biggest Cuban Sandwich in the World; Saturday, April 1st, 2017

The BIG DAY is Smackdown; Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

Festival Address: 1320 E. Palm Ave, Tampa, Florida 33605 (Ybor City, Palm & 13th -across from the Cuban Club).

Featuring chefs and restaurants from all around the world competing for the Title of World’s BEST Cuban Sandwich. Over 50,000 People Expected at the 3-day event!


Miami/South Florida; 3rd Annual Miami Cuban Sandwich Smackdown @ CALLE OCHO, Sunday, March 12th, 2017 @ Calle Ocho!  This event just joined forces with the largest Hispanic/Latino Festival in the United States. Hundreds of food, art and cultural vendors!  DOZENS of VIP & Celebrities!  Over 1,000,000 (1 MILLION) People attend! 


Do you know someone that makes a great Cuban Sandwich? 

Invite them to join the contest:

Stay tuned to our events page for more great Florida events:


In closing, I am looking forward to the adventures and the challenges that lay ahead, as we focus on growing our ministry, our media business, and our event schedule, and introducing our NEWEST EVENT, the Taste of Latino festival, which will be held in the Tampa bay area in 2017.

  • Gracias, Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla


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