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Latin Times Interview with Rabbi Johnathon Cahn

Latin Times Interview with Rabbi Johnathon Cahn

Latin Times: Tell us about yourself and where you come from?

Rabbi Cahn: I am Jewish, grew up going to Hebrew School, I then became an Atheist and I started researching until I picked up a book thinking it was a UFO book called “The Late Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsay and it was all about the end times, prophecies about the end times. It began to change my whole outlook on life and then I made a deal with the Lord for him to give me a long life that would end up Jew and serve him when I was old. At that time, I had a rock band at that time doing whatever rock band teenagers do when I was involved in two car accidents, the second one I was at a train track at night and I had pulled up and noticed some lights were coming and I didn’t realize I was right in the train’s path. I tried backing up but there were cars behind me and then the train plowed into my Pinto, it went up in the air like aluminum foil and all I could do is cry out to God. It was a miracle that I walked away from the accident with no injuries. I then asked God if I could renegotiate and if he could give me till my 20th birthday I would completely give my life over to him. When I turned 20, I went up a mountain, fell on a rock, and gave my life to God.


Latin Times: “The Harbinger” was a huge New York Times best seller, what inspired you to write it?

Rabbi Cahn: We live across the borders from New York City so when 911 happened we could see it. I was praying and the Lord started showing me things, then I was standing in background of ground zero I saw a tree that had been struck down, something said you have to search this out there is a mystery here you have to find and when I did I started searching and finding major mysteries that started getting bigger, bigger, and bigger. I realizing that this was a huge thing from God and I had never written a book. When I began to put it into form, it flowed onto the paper and God supernaturally has spread it all over the world. The Harbingers are warning about events that will take place in the end times.


Latin Times: Tell us about your yearly meetings with the US Congress and the United Nations

Rabbi Cahn: Since the Harbinger, I have been asked to speak to US Congress and the United Nations as a yearly event was opened up and caused by the Harbinger. In a nutshell in the last days of Israel God gave them warnings and there were nine Harbingers and now in America there are warnings, Harbingers, that involve the President and Government of events that are going to occur.  America is racing away from God and in danger of Judgement.


Latin Times: You just published the “Book of Mysteries” tell us about it?

Rabbi Cahn: The Book of Mysteries is the revealing and opening up of literally hundreds of mysteries, mysteries about God, ages, church, Israel, end time, hidden writings of ancient Rabbis, you the reader to our life, so many mysteries. The Book of Mysteries is meant to change your life, it’s about a man who meets a teacher, who takes him in a journey, teaching him to apply these mysteries, over a year’s time


Latin Times: Tell us how the Book of Mysteries Can Change your Life?

Rabbi Cahn: What I am praying and wanting is that this book changes lives and helps them to make a spiritual Aliyah which means a return to Israel and find their Destiny. For two thousand years God hid in the Masada Desert in Ancient Israel was a scripture and it was the scripture about the valley of the dry bones and is mentioned in the Book of Mysteries.


Latin Times: Do you believe that what is lacking in the Church today is the Hebrew Roots?

Rabbi Cahn: Absolutely, when the Church started, the Church had begun in Israel and through the separation the Church lost the roots that is part of its heritage. Israel was missing the Messiah so each has the part that the other one is missing. Jewish people are returning to Israel and coming to Messiah Yeshua, the church is bringing back the roots of Israel. Years ago having a Shofar in the church was unheard of and now the Church is bringing back its roots and this is part of the Mysteries of the end times.


Latin Times: What is your opinion about the descendants of Sephardic Jews and the key role they play in the return of Messiah?

Rabbi Cahn: At our congregation Beth Israel we have lots of Latin people and when I minister around the world and Latin American countries, it is the amazing how they have such a huge interest and connection with their Jewish roots. One out of three Latins are Sephardic Jews and one of the things that occurred was when the Sephardic Jews were expelled from Spain was on Tish’a B’Av the ninth of av and in the same Harbor were three ships, the Nina, the Pinto, and The Maria. Even in America there is an ancient root all the way back to Spain and Israel.


Latin Times: What Is your favorite Latino Food?

Rabbi Cahn: I love Latin and Mexican food, the last thing I just had to eat was an empanada.



Latin Times: Who has been your inspiration in your life.

Rabbi Cahn: First of Course is Jesus, then Paul, Ezekiel, and others. One person who truly inspired me was Richard Wurmbrand who wrote tortured for Christ and had the blessings of knowing him and his wife who told me I was called to write. Amazing people.


Latin Times: Rabbi Cahn how can everyone get the Book of Mysteries and the Harbinger?

Rabbi Cahn: They can go to our website or write to us at:

Hope of the World: Box 1111 Lodi, NJ 07644

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