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Latin Times EXCLUSIVE Interview with Crossover Entertainment

Latin Times Interview with Crossover Entertainment

CEO George Salinas, President Jaime Aymerich and account executive Carolina Aymerich


Latin Times: Tell us about yourself and where you come from?

Jaime: I am an actor from Mexico, I been doing Television and film for over seventeen years, then I moved to L.A. and met George Salinas who was my agent/manager and then we started Crossover Entertainment three and a half years ago.

Carolina: I am from Mexico City, I have been working with Jaime (My Husband) and George on how we can bring Latino films from different Latin Countries into the American film and Television industry.

George: I was born and raised in L.A. but my family is from El Salvador. I was an agent in the Film Finance world for over twelve years and when I started there wasn’t too much in the Latin market. We then started Crossover.


Latin Times: Tell us about Crossover Entertainment?

Jaime: What we do is bring films and television shows into the American Film Market and introduce the work of Latin writers and creators.

Carolina: I work closely with Jaime (My Husband) and George, looking through all the content and titles that come to us from the Latino market and how we can use them in the American Film Market.

George: Crossover provides a new formats of Latino shows, movies that are becoming a very popular and more people are scrambling to do more in the Latin Market and we bring supply to the demand and we create the opportunities to produce Television Shows and Films for this purpose.



Latin Times: Tell us about any future plans and projects:

George: To continue creating and selling great programming for Latinos, we are literally becoming the only main studio where we can create these opportunities. Working on doing features, establishing and creating really strong writers, and creators through crossover.

Jaime: We are working hard to get the best stories on the Latin side, from a variety of Latin writers, we also are looking at scripts that are unique and surprise you. For Example, we did our first movie “How to be a Latin Lover” with Salma Hayek, and we are creating great alliances through what crossover is doing. Next Month we are working on a film about Human Trafficking.

Carolina: I am very happy to be a part of what we are doing, knowing that we are fulfilling our goals because everything that you want you must work to fulfill it. We have been successful and are still working hard to continue achieving these goals within the American Market.



Latin Times: What is your favorite Latin Food and do you love Cuban Sandwiches?

Carolina: I love the Tostones and piraguas, definitely Cuban Sandwiches.

George: I love authentic Latin food all types, mofongo with shrimp, and Cuban Sandwiches.

Jaime: I love Tacos to tell you the truth and love going to Versailles in Miami and eat the carne asada and of course Cuban Sandwiches.


Latin Times: What advice can you give to up and coming Latino actors?

Jaime: Basically it’s about being persistent, being competent, learning and being on top of the game and not taking NO for an answer, don’t wait go for it.

Carolina: Being persistent, Conquer and make it happen no matter what.

George: Learn your business and what you get yourself into, it’s very important. Let your talent speak for itself.


Latin Times: Who in your life has been your hero and inspiration?

George: My mom first, she was my rock, crossed the border as an immigrant and raised my sister and I and I saw the hard work she did to the best she can and so we could have what we needed.

Jaime: My father because I used to see him singing and I wanted became an actor from his inspiration and Charles Chaplin because the way he made people laugh.

Carolina: My dad and my mom because they worked so hard to achieve their goals and made it happened, for me that is my inspiration.


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