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Hig Rodriguez-Dillinger, founder of

One on One with the Founder and Creator of America’s most popular new relationship website – for Latinos and Latinos all over the world!

Latin Times Media: How and why decided to create

Hig Rodriguez-Dillinger:  The need was actually defined by the communities that LatinConexiones is designed to serve.  I have traveled extensively throughout the United States, Caribbean and Central & South America.  So, I have had great opportunity to test many of the ideas that form the mission of CEBCOR Corporation to serve the Latin, Hispanic and Caribbean communities.


During the many conversations I heard so many comments that there really isn’t a relationship site that serves those communities properly.  There have been some sites available but the focus of those sites is almost strictly on the physical attributes, sexiness or weekend adventures.  As a result most people have been completely turned off by anything that resembles a dating site.


Among my observations during my travels were the very apparent traditional values, cultural pride, strength of heritage, devotion to family, respect of relationships, the role of religion and the personal core values.   It is a given that the communities in our marketplaces produce handsome men and beautiful women that trigger the attraction to one another.  But it is the core values and qualities that sustain a friendship or deeper relationship.


I already had a website designer under contract who built the site for many other businesses including  my contracting business so we huddled and discussed the design of and the construction of  I provided the general sense of how the site should appear and function and she has programmers all over the world whose business is to construct complex sites.  The overall project was two years before our “soft launch” a few months ago.


I believe that a very fair characterization is that the site has been created by, and for, Hispanics, Latinos and Caribbean’s.


Latin Times Media: Who should use

Hig Rodriguez-Dillinger: Everyone who is interested in finding new friends, building new relationships and, ultimately, seeing one of those friendships grow into life-long love.  The site will always have its primary focus on the beautiful cultures of Latinos, Hispanics and Caribbeans but it is our intent to serve all who enjoy the many features and benefits of the site.


Latin Times Media:  What makes different than other dating or relationship sites?

Hig Rodriguez-Dillinger:  One of the most gratifying reactions I have experienced is the volume of complements that I have received from all over the world about the appearance, presentation and feel of the site.  Those who visit are immediately impressed that it is a site that is devoted to developing friendships and relationships.  It also shows some of what love looks like as it is expressed between two people.


It is very apparent that it is not a “hook-up” site and it does not attempt to orchestrate who meets whom.  We feel that we should leave the many, many personality questions to the members to find the answers they seek about one another.  How people ask and answer questions of each other is a very exciting part of forming a new relationship.


We allow unlimited photos and we have included an article on both of our websites about the type and quality of photos to add.  We are all very unique and we are all multi-faceted and the photos are a very important opportunity for members to show themselves in the many different settings that are their life.


We offer support to our members that goes beyond what most sites offer.  Relationship experts report that one of the most difficult challenges that people have enrolling on a site is writing their profile.  We all have difficulty being completely objective about ourselves so LatinConexiones offers assistance in this area.  To facilitate that assistance we are training people in their home countries to help new members create an accurate description to attract other members.


latinconnexiones-ltm-adLatin Times Media:  What type of members do you want to attract to the website?

Hig Rodriguez-Dillinger: We feel that we will attract new members who value true friendships and true relationships and sincerely believe that love grows from those two flower beds.  We all have friends that we love dearly and we treasure those friendships.  We all have relationships that we respect and admire and we treasure them dearly.


Not all of us have the love of a life-long partner.  Yet!  But most of us know, or have seen, true love and how beautiful a place it can be.  I believe that most of us believe that there exists that person who connects with us in enough ways to make us happier in a life-long relationship.


Latin Times Media:  What are the most popular countries currently using the LatinConexiones. com website?

Hig Rodriguez-Dillinger: What has amazed all of us associated with the site is how fast awareness of the site has grown around the world.  In a very short time since our launch we are in 24 different countries and 32 of the United States.  What has affected our growth is the primary channels that we currently have to introduce the site to the many different marketplaces.


Currently, the United States has the most members and there is so much revealed in that statement.  The United States has the biggest and most aggressive dating sites actively recruiting new members yet the growth of has been phenomenal.  I think it a very solid statement that a relationship site created by Hispanics, Latinos and Caribbeans and for those communities is definitely fulfilling a marketplace need.


Our next most active areas are the Caribbean, Central America and parts of South America.  I am very excited that enrollment by European members, Canadians and the United Kingdom is so high.


Latin Times Media:  What other unique features will be offering?

Hig Rodriguez-Dillinger:  The most excitement comes from the realization that “we have only just begun”. is a part of CEBCOR Corporation and CEBCOR has a vision and a mission to bring products and services to the marketplace that will empower Hispanics, Latinos and Caribbeans to live better lives on a personal level, in their closest relationships, in their social circles or in their economic opportunities.


We have observed a very high entrepreneurial spirit within those communities and we intend to facilitate and enable that spirit to the greatest extent possible.  LatinConexiones will have for its members the opportunity to present their products and services throughout our site.  CEBCOR has already facilitated efforts in some countries that have created economic opportunities.


Additionally, the communities that we serve are very social and have great devotion to each other so we intend to host social events in our marketplaces so that members will be able to meet each other personally.


Video profiles are a great vehicle for members to extend so much about their personalities beyond what photos can do.  We intend to utilize all forms of video to help members get to know each other.


It is our intent to continue to receive input from our members as LatinConexiones evolves and the site will always be “created by our members for our members”.


Latin Times Media:  What do you see as your greatest challenges at this time?

Hig Rodriguez-Dillinger:  There are two great challenges and meeting one of them goes a long way to meeting the other.  Market awareness is always a great challenge for any new product or service.  We are utilizing every means possible to spread the awareness of LatinConexiones.  Social media and print media are very important.  We are doing that.  Word of mouth has been huge for us and helps to explain the international and widespread acceptance.  We have “boots on the ground” in some countries and marketplaces and as they are publicizing the site I am making contributions to those economies.


The second challenge is to have potential new members understand that LatinConexiones is so very different from the previous notions they had about dating sites.  Ours is devoted to building relationships and once a new member enters the site it becomes quite apparent that we are different.  Different and better.

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