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Who is Crossover Entertainment?

Crossover Entertainment specializing in reformatting Latin American TV Programming for U.S. Audiences

George Salinas

Co-Founder, CEO, Manager

Having worked as a successful Hollywood agent representing top talent and athletes for eleven years, George Salinas has learned the intricacies of what works and what doesn’t in television programming. In 2012, he partnered with former client, Mexican actor Jaime Aymerich and together launched Crossover Entertainment.  A visionary who has mastered the art of repackaging Latin American properties for North American audiences, Salinas is also responsible for corporate development, strategy and investments.

Salinas also continues to navigate Aymerich’s acting career, placing him in various shows: Showtime’s Weeds, Comedy Central’s Workaholics and on Telemundo’s telenovela Amar de Nuevo. Additionally he placed award-winning actor-filmmaker Eugenio Derbez on the FX series Anger Management and in the film Foosball, directed by Juan Jose Campanela. Salinas also placed Mexican movie legend, Angelica Maria on Epix’s comedy series Graves, starring opposite Nick Nolte and Sela Ward. He was also instrumental in placing writer Carolina Rivero on the CW hit series Jane The Virgin. As a producer, Salinas currently is in development for the film Yucca and the Moth.


Jaime Aymerich

Co-Founder, President

A successful actor and voice-over artist in Mexico and the U.S., in 2012, Jaime Aymerich teamed with his former agent, George Salinas to launch Crossover Entertainment.  Aymerich’s 27 years of experience working on some of Mexico’s most popular TV shows, combined with Salinas television programming expertise, has positioned the duo as the masters of Latin American content reformatting, and it didn’t take long for TV networks to notice.

Jaime Aymerich continues to divide his time between running his company and acting in television, theater and films. His TV credits include Showtime’s Weeds and Fat Actress, Comedy Central’s Workaholics, and Telemundo’s popular telenovela Amar de Nuevo. Some of his film credits include In a World and A Beautiful Secret. Presently, Aymerich and Salinas are producing Yucca and the Moth, a film currently in development. Additionally, Aymerich recently produced the Hollywood Walk of Fame event for Mexican superstar Eugenio Derbez.


Carolina Aymerich
Account Executive
In her capacity as an Account Executive at Crossover Entertainment, Carolina Aymerich wears many hats. In all areas, she utilizes her invaluable skills and expertise in film and TV production, marketing and knowledge of Mexico’s television industry. At Crossover since 2012, Aymerich is an integral component with her keen ability to identify and analyze Spanish-language content that would be a perfect fit to reformat for the U.S. English-speaking market.
A gifted travel and celebrity photographer, Aymerich has forged her visual arts sharp eye with her ability to identify foreign television shows and films that would be successful to the English-speaking U.S. Latino market (55 million strong) that also possess a powerful commercial appeal to attract the mainstream market.
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