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UN Human Rights Committee rules on Ecuador

In a video commentary released today, banker and businessman Roberto Isaias discussed the political persecution that he and his family have endured at the hands of the Ecuadorian government over the past decade and the significance of the United Nations Human Rights Committee ruling against the Correa administration for its violations of civil rights. In the interview, he offers insight from his experiences and the numerous ways in which the Correa administration has manipulated the judicial and executive arms of the government to systematically suppress the civil rights of its own citizens and deny them due process of law.

This past June 2016, the UN Human Rights Committee ruled in favor of the Isaias and ordered Ecuador to return all of the family’s appropriated assets, which in part, include media assets such as radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and television stations. The ruling gives an impartial, definitive judicial lens to the pervasive nature in which the Correa government has violated its citizens’ human and civil rights over the last ten years, including: the appropriation of private business, interference in the judicial system, and the abrogation of freedom of the press through the confiscation of media assets.

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