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LOS ANGELES, CA (February 2, 2016) Just a few weeks away from the 58th Grammy awards on February 15 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, the popular children’s music composer and educator, Jose-Luis Orozco, is celebrating, after more than 45 years dedicated to music and education, his first Grammy nomination for “Best Children’s Album” for his latest work: ¡Come Bien! Eat Right!

Since immigrating to the United States, Orozco has dedicated his life to inspiring children and their families to learn English and Spanish by singing and playing. His music and his books have become an essential part of school curriculum throughout the whole country and is one of the tools favored by teachers to motivate their students to be bilingual and able to conquer all their dreams in an increasingly diverse and most challenging world.

While having best sellers, like “Diez Deditos”, “Do-Re-Mi”, “De Colores”, “Fiestas”, among many others, Jose-Luis receives a prestigious Grammy nomination on his sixteenth album, “¡Come Bien! Eat Right!, produced by Smithsonian Folkways. In his latest work, apart from promoting the proper use of English and Spanish language among children, it promotes the importance of healthy eating and provides practical advice on how to have a good nutrition with original lyrics and fun music. With a combination of 19 songs in Spanish and 19 songs in English, José-Luis teaches children from how to wash their hands and say grace before a meal, to sharing the most important benefits of fruits, salads, oatmeal and vegetables to grow strong and healthy, demonstrating that music is a good tool to create positive eating habits from an early age.

“After a lifetime devoted to music and education, I am very happy to receive this Grammy nomination for an album that not only combines my passion for music and bilingualism, but most importantly my mission of promoting good nutrition among all the families”, said José-Luis Orozco. “Music is one of the best tools to promote the traditions of our countries in an entertaining, fun and educational way, to promote the correct use of the Spanish and English language, and to foster our future leaders”.
“MALDEF is very proud to join in celebrating our longtime friend José-Luis Orozco for his overdue recognition from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences,” stated Thomas A. Saenz, MALDEF President and General Counsel. “This nomination belatedly acknowledges the significant community impact of José Luis’ work with children of all races and the ongoing benefit of his recordings to the nation’s children in the future.”

For the production of his new album, Orozco partnered with longtime friend and icon of the Mexican- American music and GRAMMY winner, Quetzal Flores, creating an album full of color, fun and beautiful melodies with the purpose of entertaining and sharing important tips on how to improve your health. You may listen to some of the ¡Come Bien! Eat Right! song selections on the following link:

“We are very excited to be nominated with such a prestigious Grammy award with the first album that we produced with the great musician José-Luis Orozco”, said Smithsonian Folkways Recordings spokesperson. “Our commitment to early childhood education is a mission that we truly support”.

To learn more about José-Luis Orozco, his extensive catalog of CDs, DVDs, and award-winning books that have sold over 200 million copies all over the United States, please visit


• WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10 / 6:00 PM: Reception in honor of José-Luis Orozco presented by MALDEF & Orozco Family / MALDEF / 634 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA.

• SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13 / 11:00 AM: Concert celebrating the 2016 Children’s Grammy Award Nominees presented by the Children’s Recording Arts Alliance / Lucky Strike Live / 6801 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles , CA. /

• SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13 / 12:30 to 2:30 PM: Networking lunch with 2016 Children’s Grammy Award Nominees / Loteria Grill / 6627 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA. Album
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