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The Buccaneers VS the Panthers

The Buccaneers they fought well handed the ball over to the Panthers five times, Panthers only one, and dropped one, The Bucs lost  37-23, in Week 4

Despite the Bucs  first downs, total yards, the Panthers managed to overcome the Buccaneers because of their inability to hold on to the ball and not to mention the interceptions.

Rookie kicker Kyle Brindza 7ca716e4-d0cf-4c51-ba7f-40bb3d5b5be9 was one-for-three on Sunday and did not do so well in Houstin.

Doug Martin showed his own with 106 yards, an average of 5.3 yards. Martin made Sunday the eighth 100-yard rushing game of his career.

Charles Sims and Jameis Winston did very well while Sims caught three passes for 30 yards and carried the ball six times for 23 yards. way to go Sims!

At the last moment Jameis Winston completed 26 of 43 passes for 283 yards. This Rookie has potential!
879292b3575d4607bbb1818dc6d9624e-7db23fba76be46afab3ac44e4cbfea69-2Chris Conte tackled eight against the Panthers while yet could not stop the Panthers from winning the game. All in All the Bucs came close yet again but fell short by giving the ball away and not being able to stop the Panthers win.

Despite the loss we know that sooner or later the Bucs will have a win and Latin Times Will be there to Celebrate it! GO BUCS!

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