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Envizion Medical’s Vision

Envizion Medical’s vision has always been to make hormone replacement and pellets, weight loss, cellulite treatments, and other anti-aging services like botox affordable to everyone.  doctor

Envizion Medical was started by two middle class like-minded individuals looking to give a wider range of people better pricing on “feel good” medical services.  At that time, most clinics in the North Tampa area seemed unaffordable and catered to a small upper class clientele. Or they would rope you in with a low price on botox then try and sell you everything else at a high price. We knew we could create a clinic where anyone would feel welcome and it wouldn’t break the bank.

Over the last three years in business we have focused on efficiency, we then pass this cost savings to our patients. We also provide loving customer service to keep our clients coming back and refer their friends.

In 2014, we met and partnered with the physician of our dreams, Dr. Robert Fietsam. “Dr. Bob”, as his patients call him. He is a brilliant doctor who shares the same values we do.  Dr. Bob is a former heart surgeon who treats our patients with the kindness, understanding, and detail needed to accomplish the amazing care we strive for as a team.

Dr. Bob has a steady hand and a sharp mind from his years as a surgeon.  His outstanding attention to detail makes him stand apart from other medical practitioners.  The doctor also insists that he personally does each procedure.  Patients can expect to have the doctor perform their Botox, hormone pellets, platelet-rich plasma injections, or other dermal fillers at our practice.

We highly recommend that you come in and try a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) session with us.  Dr. Bob is one of the few doctors trained in PRP injections, and the results are fantastic.  This therapy can be used in multiple facets.  At Envizion we use PRP to soften and eliminate wrinkles on the face, improve skin texture, reduce acne, and increase skin elasticity.  Platelet-rich plasma injections can also be used in place of dermal fillers to “plump” up sagging areas with using your own platelets.  This therapy can even be used in joints to heal knee or other sports injuries. The concentration of your own body’s growth factors create a magical healing effect. At Envizion we primarily use platelet-rich plasma therapy for clients who are looking for a holistic way to achieve the results of botox or other dermal fillers. The office visit takes less than an hour and the results last several months. A patient has their blood drawn at our office, then we spin it down, and the platelets are injected gently below the skins surface with a tiny needle into areas such as the crow’s feet around the eyes and lips. For an entire face, this therapy is 1/3 the cost of botox or other fillers.  For injuries such as knee pain, we use the same process as our cosmetic PRP and then the platelets are injected deeper into the area to reach the cartilage for re-growth.  Many patients treated for knee injuries who were pre
vious candidates for surgery no longer needed surgery after a few treatments with Dr. Bob.

Dr. Bob is also highly skilled at treating both males and females with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). We often meet people who have tried HRT in the past and didn’t get the results they had hoped for.  Dr. Bob is excellent at taking the time with patients to explain why it may not have worked before or what they can expect trying it out the first time. We start our patients on a gentle program, because everyone’s body absorbs hormones differently. You can decide if you want to try a daily cream, a low maintenance tiny pellet that is inserted in your hip, or for males an injection. Then he gets feedback from you to adjust the doses until the unique formula is created. From a procedural standpoint, when a new patient is seeing the doctor for hormone replacement therapy (testosterone replacement for males, or bioidenticals for females), a lab form is emailed to the patient when the appointment is made. The patient then has their blood panel drawn at an outside lab before they come in for stafftheir first visit. This saves the patient the cost and time of an extra doctor’s visit.  This also allows the first visit with the doctor to be incredibly informative for the patient. You only pay for one visit a year and then may talk to the doctor without an extra cost from that point on.

Now that we treat hundreds of patients for hormone replacement therapy, we also pass the volume discounts from the pharmacy down to our patients.  These are only a few ways we make “feel good” healthcare affordable to the everyday mom and dad.

The cost of a single non-invasive cellulite treatment is only $35.  A month of weight loss, which includes medication and a whole lot more, is only $99.  We don’t play games with our patients, everything is translucent about our pricing. The $99 fee covers the EKG, physician’s visit, appetite suppressants, and a month of B12 injections.  We don’t want our patients to feel discouraged when they get to the clinic or bombarded with extra fees for EKGs or medications they weren’t planning on paying for.  We can help you achieve yours goals, improve overall health, increase confidence and wellbeing because at Envizion you will get quality results, affordably.

Our services include:  Weight loss $99 * Hormone Replacement $99 * Cellulite reduction $35 * Platelet-Rich Plasma $99 * Boxox $8 I/U * Juvederm * IV-Therapy $49 * Food Allergy Testing $299


Envizion Medical Inc

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