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Saludos my friends in Florida and beyond!


Saludos my friends in Florida and beyond!

Welcome to another exciting edition of Latin Times Magazine!
This edition of Latin Times Magazine is dedicated to Health & Fitness, and we are pleased to introduce you to our cover story, Ms. Arlene Marie Oliva! In the edition we are also featuring Lexcy Colon of Tiger Cut Fitness, and Noemi Bosques, triple belt champion and professional fighter, as well as our good friend Cheloman.

We are also pleased to share with you the inspirational story of Rudy Perez and Desmond Child, founders of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, as well as fun and educational news from across the state – I hope you enjoy!

I would like to say a very special thank you to this issue’s sponsor: SHOCKmobile and Mr. William Schimensky!

I am excited to tell you all that for the next Cuban Sandwich Festival season, we will be hosting Smackdown events (Semi-Finals) in Orlando, Jacksonville, Ft. Myers and again in Miami/South Florida! Restaurants, followed by the 5th Anniversary Celebration of the BIG Festival in March of 2016.

If you are interested in participating you can register on our website:

For this very special edition of Latin Times Magazine, I chose to write about this word “Focus” and what it means for me on this, my “last Letter for 2015” on this the eve edition of our 15th Anniversary Edition of Latin Times Magazine!

I can’t tell you how many times the word “focus” has grounded me, reminded me to slow down, to study the situation and to Focus.

In today’s busy world, it’s so easy to lose focus, there are so many things going on around us like work and personal time, meetings, networking events, appointments, the kids, your spouse, friends, sleep, and the stress of the evening news, the changing world, etc., etc.

In reflecting back throughout the last 15 years, I am so grateful that God gave me the strength to overcome fear, the courage to overcome adversity the intuitiveness to make the right moves, the favor, the love and the courage to reach for my dreams, and work hard no matter who, or what stood in my way.

Thank you to my wonderful Victor Padilla, a great man of God, and thank you for my wonderful children, Nikko, Michaela, Zion and Victoria! Thank you to all of my friends and clients, I am so thankful for your love and support throughout the years. As we head toward year #15, I am excited to announce that the 15th Anniversary edition of Latin Times Magazine will be the BIGGEST and most EXCITING issue we have ever published!

Stay Tuned, Our BEST is yet to come!
Hasta la proxima ves!
God Bless you!
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