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Clarion_Bottle_Shot_HREditor’s Choice wine of the Month…..

Redwood Zinfandel and Syrah

The 2011 Clarion is our flagship red blend. Composed of Zinfandel and Syrah blend it is deep dark red in color and is loaded with aromas of dried cranberries, pie crust and candied cloves. Fresh and succulent upon entry, this wine is ultra soft and rich across the palate. Concentrated flavors of raspberries and chocolate covered cherries course their way from front to back.
The harvest of 2011 had a cool wet spring and cool summer providing moderate growing conditions and a crop size small enough to take advantage of the cool weather. About mid-October a series of storms
that usually stay in Washington State and Oregon decided on a not so small excursion to Northern California. These early rains made for a challenging harvest, but the dedication of growers to wait for grapes to dry out coupled with the winemaking team going around the clock when the weather was good, resulted in some really nice wines. The colors are dark, rivaling the 2010 vintage, flavors are luscious and tannins moderate.50% Zinfandel
35% Syrah
10% Petite Sirah
5% Barbera


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