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Betsy Perez is a long time resident of Miami Beach and a successful businesswoman.

MG_8822v2flt1-700x722Betsy Perez is a long time resident of Miami Beach and a successful businesswoman.

Latin Times Magazine is pleased to share with you, her story.…..
Along with Rudy Perez, her husband of 31 years, Betsy has dedicated her life as a loving wife, mother raising a family of five children, and active participant in her local community. Now, Betsy is ready to dedicate her talent and passion for Miami Beach as an elected public servant.

Latin Times Magazine: How can you get on the ballot?
Betsy Perez: “For us to realize victory together, first I ask that you sign my candidate petition to place my name on the 2015 ballot. In the months ahead I plan to earn your vote and trust so we can keep up the progress for our beloved Miami Beach. Thank you.”

Meet Betsy Perez…
Like many Florida residents, Betsy Perez relocated to Florida from the Northeast U.S. Betsy was born in Philadelphia, she was the youngest of five children and she grew up in a small suburban town where her parents were very active in the civic life of the community. As far back as Betsy can remember she would spend long days with her Mother at the polls greeting voters and handing out flyers. Public service and civic duty has long been a part of her life. After working as a secretary at a law firm in Philadelphia, Betsy’s love for travel brought her to Miami Beach in 1982 where she received top honors at her tourism and travel school.

From there she was immediately hired right out of school to work for Norwegian Cruise Lines as their Air Sea Agent and Cruise Passenger Greeter. When Betsy decided to make the move from the Northeast to Miami Beach she searched for a place to live and found the most charming apartment building right on Ocean Drive called the Amsterdam Palace (later to be bought by Gianni Versace and turned into his home). It was right there on Miami Beach in 1983 that she met her husband Rudy one afternoon as they were both sunbathing.

They married in 1984 and began their family. They saved their money to find a home as their dream was to live and raise a family in Miami Beach. They happened upon a home for rent on Alton Road. The wonderful couple who were renting the home allowed Betsy and Rudy to rent with an option to buy. Betsy always said that their landlords were angels sent from heaven who helped them be able to afford their first home.

Betsy and Rudy made their roots in the North Beach area of the city, eventually raising five children who all went to Miami Beach schools.
“I am a people person and pledge to be an elected leader you will be proud of. Although our Mayor and new leadership have substantially cleaned up City Hall, there remains much more work to be done. I have the integrity and skills to help resolve our City’s long term challenges while providing effective service and attention for the people at all times.

Betsy is currently the Executive Director of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, an organization that was co-founded by her husband. Betsy serves on the Board of Directors of the Animal Welfare Society of South Florida and is an active member of the North Beach Development Corporation.

Betsy’s platform focuses on maintaining and improving the quality of life for residents. Miami Beach faces long term challenges and short term needs. Betsy is ready to bring her integrity, common sense approach, and love for Miami Beach to achieve real solutions.

Betsy Perez is ready to serve and has launched her campaign to bring her private sector professional experience, her integrity and good name, her community activism, her dedication and love for Miami Beach, and her get-things-done philosophy as a public servant to the City Commission.

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