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Arlene Marie On the Front Cover of Latin Times Magazine!

Arlene Marie On the Front Cover of Latin Times Magazine!

Where are you from?                                                                                                                                    

Arlene Marie: I was born in Ft. Hood Texas while my father was serving in the 1st Cav. Division. His service then brought us to the state of Florida where I currently reside. I am of Cuban and Puerto Rican decent and a graduate of the University of South Florida.

Tell us about your familia:                                                                                                                                                   Arlene Marie: My parents have been happily married for 35 years. My father has over 30 years of military service and my mother is a fitness athlete and personal trainer. We have 2 long hair Chihuahua’s named Maggie and Jerry.

Who is your role model and why
Arlene Marie: My mom is the inspiration that fueled my fire to begin a career in fitness and bodybuilding. Ever since I was young, I remember her lifting weights, running and always being in great shape. To my Dad for pushing me and supporting me and enabling me in all things I do. It is his the hard work of my Dad that has touch me to be a productive member of our society and support our community. Finally, how can I forget my grandparents who came to this country without an education or a job. My Grandfather is eighty years old and still working. I always remember this quote he taught me I will always continue to live by: “Has Bien Y No Mires A Quien.” To close I thank God for every day I live and allows me to help others.”

Tell us about your career in fitness
Arlene Marie: When did you first realize that you wanted to be in fitness and body building?
I started my martial arts career when I was six years old. At age 10 and until the age of 18 I joined an extreme martial arts team and became addicted to the athletic side of extreme martial arts. During this time won numerous events including Florida State champ in forms and martial art boxing.

I also became a third degree instructor, trained in Krav Maga contact combat a self-defense system developed for the military that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from combination of techniques sourced from aikido, boxing, judo and wrestling along with realistic fight training.

After all these years of martial arts that led to a torn meniscus during a grand Championship fight event I realized my body had taken a lot of punishment. It was shortly after my 18 year mark of being in martial arts and while attending the University of South Florida (USF) that I decided I wanted to be in a sport that would continue to challenge me physically and mentally. I accomplished the rank of 3rd degree black belt, won multiple national titles in karate competitions and have been an instructor for over 8 years. I decided that the next step to continue a healthy lifestyle was to live it. I found the National Physique Committee (NPC) saw they had Fitness Bikini category and began my journey.

How did you get started once you realized what you wanted to do?
Arlene Marie: I remember seeing my mom weight lifting and I was always intrigue by her dedication to the sport of body building. She has trained for more than twenty years. I read about the National Physique Committee (NPC) which is the largest amateur body building organization in the United States. Amateur bodybuilders compete in competitions from local to national competitions sanctioned by the NPC.

I immediately looked at the show schedule. I saw there was a local show in Tampa, so I signed up and dove head first into my first NPC competition. As is any other sports you need to learn the rules, how to diet, and how to train each part of your body to reflect the NPC category you represent.

What type of competitions have you participated in so far?
Arlene Marie: I am a nationally qualified athlete. This means, I competed in a local or regional show, won and qualified to compete on a National Level. In 2014 I won my first overall title at the NPC Riptide Classic. I continued on to compete and climb the national ranks with my 2nd place finish in NPC junior USA’s 2nd place. This year I won my class at the 2015 NPC Miami Muscle Beach Show and I will be competing in NPC North Americans national show in September 2015.

1st place and Overall in 2014 NPC National Qualifier Riptide Classic 2014
2nd Place Junior USAS Bikini A
3x top 8 NPC Nationals, North Americans and Junior Nationals 2014
Top Ten Arnold Amateur world ranking Bikini A in the World 2014
2015 Class A champion NPC Miami Muscle Beach Championships

What is involved in your training as far as exercise and diet?
Arlene Marie: My training is a full time job. 7 days a week full of exercise and dieting. This sport is not for the faint of heart, but it’s the rush of the stage and seeing how my body changes that keeps me addicted to it. My competition coach has me on workout and diet specific training for my body type that changes monthly. My training involves weight lifting, cardio and specific meals timed every day.

I give credit to all my progress to my coach an Army Veteran Dan Eslinger and owner of D4 Muscle & Fitness a unique Team out of Florida that offers camaraderie, support, and excellent contest preparation – from diet to training to supplements.

What are your goals?
Arlene Marie: I would love to be the example of fitness to ALL women and Florida and more importantly Tampa. I know the struggles, sacrifices and hard work this sport takes and I would love for women to look up to me as a potential role model. My athletic career has spanned my whole life. I would love to share this knowledge with all the women out there in the IFFB/NPC or simply anyone that may need my advice in our community.

Tell us about All American Music Productions:
Arlene Marie: All American Music Productions (AAMP) was founded by a military veterans, and as such, we recognize the service, honor, and selfless contributions made by all our military veterans, especially those active duty military members currently serving! We offer special discounts for our valued Active Military, First-Responders, and Military Veterans. We are particularly adept at the planning and production of military and military-themed appreciation events while also serving the broad spectrum of needs for those in the civilian charitable, social, and corporate arenas.

The All American Music Productions (AAMP) deliver innovative music entertainment solutions and related events. We can assist anyone with all types of events from corporate functions to non-profit fundraisers to milestone celebrations such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, vow renewals, and birthdays. At (AAMP) we help our clients save time with less stress and money spent while providing peace of mind by attending to all the details. With our staff on-site, you can “be a guest at your own event”.

Tell us about ViVa Tampa Bay Hispanic Heritage Festival and what impact you envision it having on Tampa?
Arlene Marie: I am pleased to have teamed up with Latin Times, Inc. to bring this great event to our Tampa community. I am very proud of my Hispanic Heritage and I am excited about my company proudly representing just that in our ViVa Tampa Bay Hispanic Heritage Festival. This is in honor to celebrate Hispanic Heritage residing in Tampa Bay, and across our Sunshine State as well as the nation for their social, cultural and economic contributions! I am excited to have world renowned artists Giovanni Hidalgo and Carlos Oliva performing to our guests, but the most important detail of the vent is to recognize hard working Hispanics in our community.  The ViVa Tampa Bay Extraordinary Hispanic Heritage Award is a distinction which reflects the outstanding contributions made toward enhancing the quality of life of our community. Each award recipient has displayed leadership and dedication to advancing our Hispanic community. Tampa is enriched by their volunteerism, activism and public service. ViVa Tampa Bay Hispanic Heritage Awards recognizes your contributions and celebrates our city’s diversity. One of the distinguished recipients of this year’s award is our very own Tampa Bay Buccaneer # 7 Martin Gramatica.

In 2002 Martin Gramatica won Super Bowl XXXVII with Tampa Bay, scoring 12 points that game and becoming the first Argentine-American in history to do so.
While conducting business in the Tampa Bay area, Gramatica saw a need to support deserving members of their community especially combat wounded veterans, especially those veterans who return from combat duty and face insurmountable health and financial challenges. The Gramatica Family founded a non-profit whose mission is to provide energy efficient housing initiatives and development assistance to disabled military veterans, the underprivileged and the ailing.
I am ecstatic to celebrate the beauty of Tampa Bay’s Hispanic Communities! Our guests will enjoy delicious Latin foods, festivities and performances dedicated to Hispanic Heritage. Dance contests and recognition of our cities most influential Hispanic leaders who will be receiving the prestigious Heritage Award in business, community, health and more!


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