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Meet William Schmensky of SocialFinity Marketing Group

Latin Times Magazine had the pleasure of meeting with William Schimensky at his Tampa office recently to talk about his success with SocialFinity Marketing Group, and how on his journey to success, he has been able to help so many businesses.

Latin Times: Tell us about yourself and your family history?

William Schimensky: I was born in New York and raised all over the country.  I had a military father and we moved around a lot, my family is from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Latin Times: Tell us about SocialFinity?

William Schimensky:  We actually started out about eleven years ago as a part time business helping franchise owners to establish their marketing plans and processes.  I went out on my own about four years ago, and was blessed to make contact with several artists like Rudy Perez, John Secada, and Mark Hudson. It was then that I started working with the Latin Songwriter’s Hall of Fame where I made a lot of additional connections, and developed valuable relationships.  It flourished from there.

We really concentrated early on with Social Media and digital Marketing then we started to develop a text messaging platform on a whim.  My chief information officer and I were on a phone call, and I said wouldn’t it be cool if you could text something and receive a response?  By the end of that phone call he had the first prototype completed, and that is what we have been working on for the last three years.

Latin Times: What Encompasses Social Media Marketing?

William Schimensky: Well, Social Media Marketing is not just posting on Facebook or Twitter, etc., there is so much more that goes into it then that, and there are actually one hundred and fifty plus platforms and directories to work with.  When we sign up a new client it literally takes us one full day to register them to those platforms and directories.   It’s really understanding the science of Facebook and the human psychology, and understanding the audience. When we take on a new account especially with our artist, we test the waters in terms of sending out our own message and we quickly realize what the audience reacts to. It’s about engaging, understanding, and learning the demographic.  What motivates the audience? Its knowing how to read the algorithms of Facebook and all that it entails?  Science and Psychology, this has allowed us to become proven and successful.

Latin Times: Tell us who are some of your famous clients?

William Schimensky: Really everyone is important to us, no matter who they are, with that said, we have worked with Olga Tañon, Rudy Perez, Mark Hudson, Desmond Child of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Latin Times: What type of Companies can benefit from SocialFinity?

William Schimensky: Really any type of company can benefit from our services; Hair Salons, Car Dealerships, Real Estate agents, Churches, etc.

Where we are today is mobile marketing, if you understand the relationship we have with our phones, how much time we spend with our phones. There are statistics that after 6pm we check our phones every six seconds.  What business can benefit from increasing revenue by thirty percent?  And can lower their costs. We have programs for everyone focusing on medium to small businesses by giving them the tools to compete with the big companies.

Latin Times: Tell us about any big projects you are working on?

William Schimensky: We are currently working on a number of big projects, including a project with 5Linx a network marketing company, we are rolling out automation software for sales and marketing that launches their email and texting campaigns.

Latin-Times: Is this similar to a CRM software?

William Schimensky:  A beyond CRM software. We are also working on a program with Churches that will enable them to help people in their congregation attain jobs, simply through providing cell phones through a program called Safe Link.  This program allows the Church to generate the funds to pay for their marketing to expand, which in turn helps the Church to grow, while also helping those in their congregation who are in need of work.

Latin Times: Tell us about The Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame?

William Schimensky: We just hosted our second annual Gala, the first year we had over forty of the biggest stars in the world. In order to be inducted into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, you must have written and composed (with certain hits) for at least twenty years. We honored Gloria Estefan, and a ton of other artists.  The event was held at the Ritz Carlton in Miami Beach this past year in October.

Latin Times: Tell us about your spirituality?

William Schimensky: That is a long story, my relationship with God began at a very young age.

I have survived a ruptured Appendix, I was in a Coma for three and half days.  Afterward, as an adult, I survived being shot at, when I was with the New York Police Department.

Latin Times: Tell us who has been your Inspiration and hero?

William Schimensky: My grandmother, she raised me and when I was in a coma for three and a half days the doctor told her to pull the plug because I would be a vegetable.  She said no, and prayed until I woke up, and I was fine.  It was her prayers that saved me.

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