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Roselyn Sanchez

Roselyn Sanchez “Familia En Venta”

Latin Times Magazine: Tell us how you got started in your career and what motivated you to pursue acting?

Roselyn Sanchez: My mom was instrumental, at four I was in Ballet at six I was playing piano, eleven I was modeling then there was a Miss Puerto Rico Petite Pageant, then American Petite Pageant, I studied theater acting in Europe, started in a couple of shows called “As the world turns” CBS and The remake of the famous show “Fame” I was working hard and being super blessed to get to where I am today.

Latin Times Magazine:  Tell us about this new project you are working on?

Roselyn Sanchez: It’s called “Familia en Venta” Family for Sale, I just had my baby Adela and remember reading the script and Laughing so hard, getting so excited to do this project. Also for years I have been wanting to do something in Spanish so I am doing it.

Latin Times Magazine:  You are a very successful Latina who has done so many things from modeling to acting what advise do you have for young Latinos who are trying to make it as actors?

Roselyn Sanchez: The Main thing is getting use to rejection and people saying no and don’t take it personal, hold on to your dream and pursue it, be secure within yourself and keep moving forward. Persevere.

Latin Times Magazine:  Tell us about your family and growing up in Puerto Rico?

Roselyn Sanchez:  My mother a teacher and my father was an accountant both Puerto Rican. I grew up in a normal family life, my father wanted me to follow his footsteps in business, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do so, I was very lucky to have a mother who was very influential for me in pursuing acting, so I appreciate her for standing behind me and it has motivated me and family that got me to where I am now.

Latin Times Magazine:  Tell us, do you like Cuban Sandwiches?

Roselyn Sanchez:  Claro Que Si!

Latin Times Magazine:  Who has been your biggest inspiration?

Roselyn Sanchez: My mother, who has been through a lot, because of her faith in God is a cancer survivor and who has survived to see my baby girl Sebella, her granddaughter, she has been my biggest inspiration.

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