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Noemi Bosques: Ranked number 3 in the US! NBA Title and WBU Title Holder!

Noemi Bosques

Get to know Noemi Bosque, TOP Latina Fighter!

Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla:  When did you know that you wanted to be a boxer/fighter?

Noemi Bosques:  I realized I wanted to be a fighter after I started fighting (for fun) at local bars and won every single time.  Mind you, this was before I even had any fight training!


Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla:  Tell us how and you got started as a fighter.

Noemi Bosques:  I started training, mostly to get in shape and lose weight after I had my daughter.  I already had a little experience at the “bar fights”. I was a single mom, had a lot of aggression, and channeled it- this is what has made me successful!


Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla:  What in your opinion has been your greatest achievement in your professional fighting career?

Noemi Bosques:  I’ve had several!  My greatest achievement is to live against the grain as a Latina, single mom, coming from a broken home and still being successful through hard work and vision!


Right now I’m currently ranked number 3 in the US and 13 in the world and I have 2 belts- NBA Title and WBU.


Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla:  What has been your greatest obstacle, and how did you overcome it?

Noemi Bosques:  My entire career has been an obstacle, from taking city buses 2 hours to train for 2 years, no consistent coach, no promoter and no manager. It’s only been God first, and the support of my city that I’ve been able to accomplish all these things in my career.  Can you begin to imagine the work that it’s taken for me to do all this by myself?  But my greatest obstacle was losing my mom.  She helped me stay so organized, she helped me so much.  Right before one of my fights while I was in Providence, Rhode, Island, I lost her. This was devastating.  I still went back up to Rhode Island the following week and fought. Channeling the sadness I felt helped me a lot. If I would’ve sat, and dwelled and it would’ve killed me.  I stayed busy instead, cried when I needed to, but didn’t allow myself to stay in the darkness long.  It helps to stay busy doing productive things, and dedicating my successes to her. God bless her soul.


Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla:  What other projects are you involved in

Noemi Bosques: All kinds of stuff!! Right now I have started the “Power UP Project” A foundation created to “power up” our community starting with our kids!

I host events, Teach fitness classes/personal training in Tampa/St Pete


This year I will also be promoting my first boxing event most likely for kid amateurs

I Mentor ‘at risk’ kids.  I also started with a new company organizing & bettering peeps life financially called World Financial Group.  I am also doing public/motivational speaking.

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