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Meet Jackie Rojas-Quinones

Meet Jackie Roja-Quinones


Latin Times: It’s been many years since Latin Times last interviewed you, Tell us about the changes that have taken place in your personal and professional journey.

Jackie Rojas-Quinones:  Since my last interview with Latin Times, so much has transpired. I went from being TBHCC President to TLC President. I ran for State Representative, District 58 and lost (a blessing in disguise). I’ve learned not to be disappointed that sometimes losing is actually winning in the long run. God has a master plan for each of us and mine was not in politics like I had envisioned. I was being primed for the better part. My personal life took a toll as well. After a 14+ year marriage, I ended up divorcing the man I love, moving to San Antonio, TX for a year to later come back remarry him and living the happily ever after life again.

I went thru one of the greatest hurts in life, which was to see my first grand-daughter born and die three months later of a rare disease (dandy-walker variance). It was the hardest challenge to see your son and daughter in law suffer thru the loss of their first born. Since then, they now have another angel they have been blessed with that is now a year and a half old. I am also, the proud mother of 3 boys and 3 step-daughters as well as a grandmother of 4 biological grandchildren and 5 step grandchildren.


Latin Times: Tell us about your new venture, and company, what made you choose to venture on a new career typically reserved for men.

Jackie Rojas Quinones:  My dad was always in the construction industry, building most of Drew Park’s steel erected buildings, Little General and the first Taco Bell in the 70’s. After graduating, I pursued an accounting and paralegal career making the vast majority of my clients sub-contractors. When my dad was alive I strived to always make him proud and I owed it to my mom for the great education she sacrificed to provide me with. As I saw more and more the use of online tax software, I felt the need to reinvent myself. Again after having a construction background (building dialysis clinics in Texas and Florida in the 90’s) and a husband that owns a sinkhole remediation company, I decided to get my certified general contractors license.  Not only did I accomplish the hardest task I’ve ever been challenged with but decided to also become a Vendor with the state homeowners insurance and was accepted in January 2015. Our company now represents the Latino community and am the only Latina out of 24 other companies.


Latin Times: What can we expect to see from you in the coming years?

In the coming years I plan to leave a legacy behind for my kids to continue. I want to become an inspiration for anyone who gets frustrated when things do go their way. I would like to remind them that’s when they should give thanks. Give thanks because something much better than you could ever imagine awaits them. My struggle has been extremely difficult, it has not been at all easy. Many men have not been able to accomplish what I have. I’ve been degraded, insulted and I still pressed on and held my head high. A woman in a man’s world is pretty exciting. I never take no for an answer. I’m a true believer that where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Latin Times:  What advice can you offer someone going through a difficult time in their personal life, on overcome the emotion and focusing on reaching their goals?

Jackie Rojas-Quinones: My advice to anyone going thru difficult times is to pick their battles and not sweat the small stuff. I surround myself within social media and in real life with people that are go-getters and very positive. I help others as much as I possibly can without ever seeking a reward or gain. I L I S T E N to others and lend an ear any time for tomorrow they may not be here and I want to feel I’ve done all I can do before my time comes.


Latin Times:Who is a hero/role model that you admire (Living or deceased) and why do you admire them?

Jackie Rojas-Quinones: I have many people I admire. I love to hear true stories of people that have true success stories. Failed and failed again and never gave up their dreams. That’s what inspires me, ordinary people. Musicians have a special place in my heart because they have a talent that I can only envy. Music soothes my soul and takes me to places that are stored in my memory bank. But with that said I still will always have my Mom, Dad and Step-dad as my role models. Their perseverance traits are something I can only continue to strive for.

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