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Marlow Rosado

Marlow Rosado

Latin Time Magazine:  Tell us how you got started as a musician

Marlow Rosado:  It’s a funny story, when I was seven years old I asked my mother for one of those big yellow Tonka trucks for Christmas. On Christmas day when I opened the big box under the Christmas tree, I thought it was my big Tonka truck instead it was in Organ. I have no idea how my mother went from buying a Tonka truck to buying an organ, all I can say is that it must have been divine intervention. I believe had she bought me that Tonka truck, today I would be a truck driver not a musician. So there must have been a greater force at work.
Latin Time Magazine: Please tell us about you family and where you are from

Marlow Rosado: I was born in Puerto Rico in a town called Cataño. I am the first musician in my family, which is odd because I discovered this talent without having any prior history or someone close to me to mimic.  

Latin Time Magazine:  What in your opinion has been your greatest achievement in your life as a musician?

Marlow Rosado:  I have done many things in the world of music, I have produced many records for many artists, I have written many songs, I have a bachelor’s degree in education and taught elementary school music for 10 years, are you on a recording studio in the city of Miami, and have traveled to many great countries throughout the world; however, when we are talking about my greatest achievement, it is without a doubt the moment I got up on the stage at the staple center and Los Angeles to receive my Grammy Award for best tropical Latin album on February 10, 2013. Up until this very moment, that has been the single most important and Memorial day of my entire career.
Latin Time Magazine:  What has been your greatest obstacle, and how did you overcome it?

Marlow Rosado:  I come from a humble family and went to very underprivileged and inner-city schools. Graduating high school with such a low grade point average that no university wanted to accept me. Fighting through that until I was finally able to be accepted into Florida Atlantic University was my biggest challenge. FAU was my saving grace, they believed in my talent and believe that they can make a great student out of me. I struggled a lot to catch up and feel like I belonged in such an amazing place. I can proudly say that after many years from the day I graduated FAU, I have now been given the honor to be named one of their “Distinguished Alumnus” an honor reserved for the best graduates of any institution. 
Latin Time Magazine:  What can your fans expect from you next!?

Marlow Rosado:  I have three albums the first one is called “SALSALSA” the second one is called “RETRO” and that’s the one that won the Grammy,  I am currently promoting my third album called “SALSANIMAL” and later this year I will be releasing one of my most exciting projects ever, a record that I am doing with one of my teachers, A person I listen to as a child growing up, One of tropical music’s legendary Pianist, and someone I can truly call a friend, the very famous Larry Harlow. This will be my fourth album and one that has been a true pleasure to produce. The name of this record will be very appropriately “HARLOW MARLOW” 

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