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Latin Times Interview with Juan Pineda Sanchez “El Pitbull Del Cine Mexicano”

Latin Times Interview with Juan Pineda Sanchez “El Pitbull Del Cine Mexicano”  


Juan Pineda Sanchez, from Hondureño and Mexicano roots is the owner of Master Locking Pliers® is also an Inventor, Actor, and Entrepreneur. Currently residing in Turlock California USA, gives Latin Times an exclusive interview.

Latin Times: Tell us about your career, and what you do for a living?  12125_580428738701077_758464379_n

Juan Pineda Sanchez:  I Have Been An Inventor For Over 25 Years. Have Few Patents, Few Trademarks /Registered Brands.  I Also Have Few Products In The Market. Besides Being An Inventor, I Am An Actor Who Has Participated In More Than 20 Action Films For The Cine Mexicano Internacional.  Currently I Am Also Working In American Films.

Latin Times: Tell us about your professional journey…. When did you first get started in business?

Juan Pineda Sanchez:  I Have Been In Business For Over 15 Years, I Have Learned My Way Up, From Bottom Up. Now I Am Very Successful On Everything That I do Thanks To God! I Have Been Featured Nationally and Internationally TV, Radio, News Papers Articles, Magazines, and All Over the Internet. One Of The Best Moments Of My Life Was, When I Was Invited To Participate On Sabado Gigante, With Host Don Francisco.  On That Day, I Personally Met Don Francisco and All The Great Production Team From The Show.  I Won the Best Invention from the Inventor’s Contest with the Applauses and Standing Ovation from the Beautiful Public.

Juan Pineda Sanchez Celebrity PictureLatin Times: Tell us about your biggest obstacle as a business person, and how you overcame it.

Juan Pineda Sanchez:  The Learning Process Has Been Tremendous, For Every time That I Have Falling, I Have Got up and Find My Way to Overcome All the Obstacles on My Path Day By Day.  English Is My Second Languish, I Had To Learn It To Succeed In My Life! Investing in Bad Economy Is A Very Hard Thing To Do, But If I Never Did It, I Would Never Know How Far I Would Get “No Guts, No Glory”…. That Was One Of My Main Challenges.

Latin Times:  How do you see yourself?

Juan Pineda Sanchez:  Being a Positive Person and a Good Role Model (Outstanding Citizen of My Latino Community).

Latin Times: Who is a hero/role model that you admire (Living or deceased) and why do you admire them?

Juan Pineda Sanchez: One Of My Heroes Is Don Francisco, Chilean television host, and a popular personality on the Univision network. I Have Admired Him Ever since I Saw Him On TV For The First Time. Don Francisco Is A True Pioneer, A Super Star, A Living Legend, And A Hollywood Hall Of Famer! Another Of My Heroes Is Mr.: A j Khubani, he is the founder and CEO of “As Seen on TV” products giant Tele Brands. Mr. Aj Kubani Story Of Success Is Amazing! Very Inspirational! Thank You for the Interview!  I Love Tele brands and Latin Times Magazine! Juan Pineda Sanchez El Pit10544779_682414228502527_317603556589708446_n

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