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Diana Bolivar, President Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando

Diana Bolivar

Latin Times goes One on One with Diana Bolivar, president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando

Latin Times Magazine:  Tell us how you got started as a business woman.

Diana Bolivar:  I have always been influenced and naturally geared towards business and entrepreneurship. At nine years old, I started my first company, which was a paper delivery service. I remember waking up at 4:30 am and delivering the newspapers to my neighbors. From my first job to my current job, I have continued to keep a strong work ethic in order to achieve my American Dream.


Latin Times Magazine:  Tell us about your position with Orlando Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, what are some of the initiatives or goals that you have set for your time as president.

Diana Bolivar:  My role as President is to influence, lead and promote economic development for Hispanic businesses as well as our members through HCCMO’s business model: Business Networking, Business Exposure and Recognition, and Business Development. We do this by strengthening relationships, promoting resources, serving as the bridge between large corporations and our local Hispanic businesses, supporting organizations with a mission to promote and preserve Hispanic heritage, and recognizing Hispanic individuals and companies that influence our community. As our programs and benefits have increased, the HCCMO is making a top priority to continuing to set the standard in inclusion and diversity amongst our partner organizations and various ethnic business members.


Latin Times Magazine:  What other hats do you wear?

Diana Bolivar:  Aside from being a proud mother and wife, I have made it my personal responsibility to serve on community boards. Serving on varies community organization boards I have learned the importance of giving rather than receiving. Serving my community has allowed me to keep a mentality of “paying it forward”. With this in mind, I expect to be engaged within the community that I live, learn, work and play in.


Latin Times Magazine:  What in your opinion has been your greatest achievement in your life as a leader in business & community?

Diana Bolivar:  My greatest achievement has been the opportunity to be a role model for women and minorities within leading positions. Holding myself in being an influential role model, I hope to inspire others to achieve their inner greatness through authenticity, uniqueness and courage.


Latin Times Magazine:  What has been your greatest obstacle, and how did you overcome it?

Diana Bolivar:  Receiving 100% approval has been one of my biggest obstacles to overcome. I’ve always been hard on myself both professionally and personally, which in turn demanded constant approval. By realizing that you can’t and won’t please everyone all of the time, I was able to overcome this obstacle. As a reminder, I apply the 80/20 rule, in knowing that I will always be able to please 80% of people and that there will always be 20% who will not be happy with what I do.

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