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Actor/ Producer Oscar Torre

Actor/ Producer Oscar Torre


Latin Times Magazine: Tell us about “Oscar Torre” and about your Familia?

Oscar Torre: I was born and raised in Miami, Florida both my brother and I. My parents came from Cuba at the beginning of the sixties before the revolution, my whole family is there, I live in California but I miss Miami.

Latin Times Magazine: What inspired you to be an actor?

Oscar Torre: I kind of fell into it, I was taking an elective class at Miami Dade Community College and I asked my girlfriend at the time to sign me up for a class so since the one I wanted wasn’t available, as a joke she signed me up for an acting class and because of that decision I am an actor today.

Latin Times Magazine: Tell us about any struggles you have had being a Latino Actor.

Oscar Torre: The Struggles that I have faced are the struggles any actor faces, I have been casted in white roles but most of the time they would make the role Latino, but when I went to LA, California I struggled, took me six years until finally I got the role in “Ladron roba Ladron” and then I booked “CANE” with Jimmy Smits and Rita Moreno, I went from zero to sixty in a month and a lot of doors opened for me.

Latin Times Magazine: Hola Oscar, tell us about the movie “The Boatman” and any other projects you are working on.

Oscar Torre: The Boatman which is Directed by Greg Morgan is a paranormal thriller where I play the lead role as Miguel who is the coyote who has the perfect record of helping people across the river successfully and being an honest man without being caught, but on the road I keep running into people dying and they give me their last dying wishes and I relay that information to their families, Then I find a young woman who actually survives and claims that she knows me and changes my whole life, not only that but there is the pressure from the Narcos to giving them my secrets and routes, it’s about life and death and crossing the river. Then there is a feature film I directed written by my wife, actress Chuti Tiu in which she stars, called “Pretty Rosebud” and I play a small part in. It’s a story about a women who is unhappy in her marriage, forced by her religion, family, and culture to live her life by their rules but she is not listening to her own heart. People love this film and it has already won awards.

Latin Times Magazine: What is your favorite Latin Food and do you like Cuban Sandwiches?

Oscar Torre: I eat well and there a lot of Latin Foods I like, but if I have to say one, when I go to Miami I will have Arroz Blanco with Frijoles negros and Plantanos maduros with Tostones or Lechon and Fritas. In California you find a lot of Mexican food but in Miami you fall and land in a Cuban restaurant. Yes I definitely like Cuban Sandwiches.

Latin Times Magazine: What kind of advice do you have for young Latinos trying to make it in the acting industry?

Oscar Torre: First of all if they really want to be Actors and Directors, having the passion, work on your craft, prepare yourself. Because of technology today you can shoot your own films, DON’T WAIT, create your own opportunities, write your own projects, write your own stories, this gives more work for Latinos and learn from those who you admire that have been on the screen for a long time.

Latin Times Magazine: Who in your life has been your greatest Inspiration and hero?

Oscar Torre: My Grandmother and my parents, they are my heroes, they came onto this country without any money, they weren’t wealthy, but did their best to raise me and my brother who is a school teacher.  They taught me to be responsible and do the right thing, to be proud of who I am and it has been invaluable to me.

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