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Dr. Tarik Hassan

Latin Times: Tell us about how you became a Doctor?

Dr. Hassan: I was born and raised in Panama, yo como tamale y Bailo Salsa. I was educated in a very Catholic country, the philosophy of helping people, bring in compassionate care for people so without many choices thirty-five years ago, I chose to study medicine.


Latin Times: Did you study Medicine in Panama or did you study in the US?

Dr. Hassan: I graduated at the school of medicine in Panama, then came to the US and completed the Internal Medicine residency at Woodrow Hall, completed my fellowship in nutrition at the University of Pennsylvania, then finally came to Tampa in 1995.


Latin Times: Tell us about your practice in Tampa, what do you specialize in?

Dr. Hassan: I am an internal Medicine Doctor I usually see patients in the line of Hypertension, Thyroid disease, asthma, arthritis, a very multi-disciplinary type of practice. In the last few years I have been working in the some Aesthetics procedures in and introduce it to my patients.


Latin Times:  I’m glad you brought that up, tell us about this new type of procedure?

Dr. Hassan:  As discoveries arise in medical science we find non-surgical alternatives to help to improve with your bodies’ own resources. For example one of the most revolutionary procedures is Plasma with enriched Platelets, you separate the red cells and keep the plasma with the platelets and then you activate the platelets to release a growth factor is introduced under your skin and stimulating fresher newer growth cells. Then rejuvenation begins.


Latin Times:  How long does this procedure take?

Dr. Hassan: The patient can come to my office even on their lunch break and get the procedure done.


Latin Times: Latinas love to look good even in their older age, how will this work for them?

Dr. Hassan: The Latino gene in our women’s genetic matrix doesn’t deteriorate as fast and stays youthful longer, their matrix is very nice.


Latin Times: Tell us about how much would this procedure cost?

Dr. Hassan:  Depending on the area where the patient wants to focus, so we try to do between $300 or $400 per area and the more areas we provide a discount, very reasonable.


Latin Times: Tell us about your Culture and your favorite type of food?

Dr Hassan: I will say that cooking is a passion and I like to try everything but however I never pass up a good opportunity to have a good Chicharrón, I pay extra to get the one I like.


Latin Times: Who has been your inspiration from the past to present:

Dr. Hassan: On a national level it has to be Rueben Blades because of his artistic and social vein, someone who has become wise and through his music has impacted the whole world with his message through his songs.  Also Evelio “EJ” Otero who is on a local level is very vocal and he sees the Latino as an internal part of society.

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