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Jorge Hernandez

Name: Jorge Hernandez

What is your Profession?  News Anchor/Reporter

Your Pais: Colombia

Hometown: Barranquilla


Latin Times: How did you get started in your career?

Jorge Hernandez: Doing voice overs and announcer for Telemundo in Chicago


Latin Times: What do you enjoy most about you what you do?

Jorge Hernandez: Connecting with our viewers and trying to have on a daily basis news people can use.


Latin Times: Please tell us about your biggest obstacles, and how you have overcome them.

Jorge Hernandez:  My biggest obstacle in this country is being an undocumented immigrant for 7 years, it feels like you are in a prison, always looking over your shoulder and not trusting anyone, I became a legal resident in 1997 and a citizen in 2007.


Latin Times: Many years ago you lived in Tampa, Florida and you were the anchor for Univision-Tampa, and now you are in Miami as anchor for Univision – what is the biggest differences between Tampa and Miami, Florida?

Jorge Hernandez: Demographics is the big difference…I went from being in an area heavily influenced by Boricuas to one heavily influenced by Cubans, but we are all Latinos.


Latin Times:  You are scheduled to be a VIP/Celebrity Judge at the South Florida, Semi-Finals Smackdown for the Cuban Sandwich Festival.  You have had both the Tampa Cuban and the Miami Cuban – How do you like your Cuban Sandwich?

Jorge Hernandez: I’m addicted to say the least, I prefer the media noche because of the sweet bread.


Latin Times:  Tell us about your family

Jorge Hernandez: My father Milciades Hernandez is the head of our family he is 85 years old and lives in Barranquilla, Colombia, I have a sister “the baby” Marina an accountant and an older brother, John here in Miami he is a Teacher, my younger Brother Carlos lives in Tampa since 1998, he is a very successful financial adviser with Valic.


Latin Times: Who is a hero/role model that you admire (Living or deceased) and why do you admire them?

Jorge Hernandez: My role model is Desi Arnaz, most people don’t know that I’m a professional actor, I also studied TV Production, so I always admired the fact that he was an excellent actor, very funny but also a very successful business man..

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