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One on One with Luis (LA) Capdevila


One on One with LA Capdevila

Latin Times: As a business man with diverse businesses, tell us about which business/businesses you focus on daily?

LA Capdevila:  While our businesses are multifaceted, two restaurants, bakery, catering, banquets, fleamarket & business center, properties and rentals; I also have ministries responsibilities such as church planting, counseling and a new internet church that is being powered up soon, I am also involved in a great network marketing company called Organo Gold. I oversee all of them and I work with my managers to make sure we are focus on our companies’ success.


Latin Times: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

LA Capdevila:  People; people are the reason we are so successful, my passion and calling in life by the grace of God is to help people succeed. That’s what I do all day, I mentor, I give counsel to individuals, organizations, businesses and motivate them to do the same thing for others.


Latin Times: Please tell us about your biggest obstacles, and how you have overcome them

LA Capdevila:  I was born fat, ugly and poor. All my life I have worked to overcome these qualities and I have worked to help other do the same with the comfort that has been given to me.  Now that I am celebrating my 18th anniversary of my 39th birthday and I am working super hard to stay young even though I have an assurance of eternal life thru my faith in Christ.


Latin Times: Tell us about your ministry

LA Capdevila:  My wife Anita and I pastored a Church for 24 years until a few years ago and have been planting churches throughout central and south Americas and the Caribbean for the same amount of years. Most recently I have started to plant churches in Pakistan and I want to be part of the revival that will hit the Middle East soon. I have also authored nine books that can be seen on


Latin Times: What is your favorite Latin Food Dish?

LA Capdevila:  Moro rice and pork ribs or my mom’s Paella that’s just to start, I love all foods and I can eat everything but celery.


Latin Times:  Tell us about your family history and the impact it has had on West Tampa and Tampa Bay in general

LA Capdevila:  We are celebrating our 52 years in this wonderful country and 42 years in business. We are so grateful to God for all the support that we have had from our community throughout the years, we are visited by thousands every month and we are indebted to them and we do not take our success for granted. Even though I was born in Cuba, I am a Tampeño or Tampañian and proud of it.


Latin Times:Who is a hero/role model that you admire (Living or deceased) and why do you admire them?

LA Capdevila: I have too many heroes to mention them all, but my Father Maximino is one of my hero’s, even though he is gone to be with the Lord. His life and principals still live on in me and in our family. There are many successful men and women that I admire because they have given their all and have taken many risks to become a success in their professions and in turn they are now touching many others with their stories of struggles and victories.  I want to express a special thanks to all those who may not reach public recognition but in their everyday life they touch others with acts of kindness and labor of love. What this world really needs is for all of us to rise up to the occasion, regardless of political persuasions, color or race and touch those who are searching and are lacking and wanting to be loved and accepted.


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