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Latin Times: How did you get started in your career?

Victor Padilla:  Which one, LOL, after being in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, I decided to pursue a business career and met the love of my life Jolie Gonzalez Founder of Latin Times Magazine. Jolie and I begin to collaborate over five years ago on the magazine and the business. Working diligently and with much prayer, we took it to the next level. Now we work as partners and owners of one of the fastest growing Hispanic Businesses in the country, Latin Times Media Inc., and The National Cuban Sandwich Festival.


Latin Times: What do you enjoy most about you what you do?

Victor Padilla: I honestly love what I do, I get to meet people on so many levels, I have met actors, entertainers, politicians, world and community leaders, Business leaders, and Ministers. Interviewing them and then saying, “Hey let’s pray.” I get a kick out of their responses. Working on the Cuban Sandwich Festival but, the biggest thing I love about what I do is touching people’s lives with the truth, helping them see how real and down to earth we are and the people are in our Magazine.


Latin Times: Please tell us about your biggest obstacles, and how you have overcome them   Victor Padilla: Well, I have had many obstacles but, in every obstacle I have had, God was with me even through almost dying. I can say this with confidence, without them we could never grow and know how faithful our Father in Heaven is. I thank God for them for because of obstacles my faith is grounded.


Latin Times: Tell us about your future plans in ministry

Victor Padilla: My wife and I discovered recently we were Sephardic Jews from Spain, when I discovered this, the calling in my life I have known all my life suddenly became a big reality. God has shown me that it was time to fulfill this calling by awakening the Hispanic people to their true inheritance and history that dates back to King Solomon’s Temple. To wake up the sleeping giant, eventually bringing them home to the NEGEV, the land of Judah in Israel, Obadiah 1:20 pt. B


Latin Times: What is your favorite Latin Food Dish?

Victor Padilla: My Abuela who I miss so much used to make me the best Palomillo steak, Yuca, and onions with white rice and of course a good authentic Tampa Cuban Sandwich.


Latin Times:  Tell us about your family

Victor Padilla: My wife (Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla) and I have four children two girls, Zion and Victoria and two boys Felix and Solomon. We also have three granddaughters Bella, Eva, and Emberlynn who is a miracle angel. My family is my life, I love all my children and thank God for my wonderful and beautiful wife who is my rock.


Latin Times:Who is a hero/role model that you admire (Living or deceased) and why do you admire them?

Victor Padilla:  It’s hard to say one, King David and my Father Victor Padilla Sr. King David because he was the perfect example of what a man was after God’s own heart. My father because he loved and followed God with all of his heart. He helped to change thousands of people with the unfailing love of God.

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