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Alicia Katsouris

Alicia Katsouris was born on March 12, 2002 in Hollywood, Florida USA.

From early age she showed a talent for drawing and fashion; from Age 2 she could coordinate the colors of her outfits and shoes or whatever she was going to wear, and posing for photos since she started walking. Eventually, her turning point towards modeling and fashion was when she saw a fashion show on TV and intrigued her to continue studying models and fashion on magazines, on line and live events.  Alicia has great communications skills and she started sharing her knowledge about fashion.

She attended a Modeling School in South Florida, and started participating in fashion shows, like Macy’s,

and other designer shows.

The designers and other Modeling teachers say that Alicia has one of the best walks on the runway.  She has a passion for fashion and modeling, and with her bright smile and slender body can wear anything and look great.

Also, Alicia is advocate for human rights for all people independent of religion or race. She can contribute greatly to the fashion world with her upbeat attitude and charisma and communicate effortlessly for fashion and her cause.

Photo by Sina Photography

Dress fashion design by Lourdes Atencio

Claribel Levinson, Reporter SW Florida

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