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Can Latinos be Sephardic Jews from Spain?

By Victor Padilla

    Ever since I was a child I was always drawn to Israel, the land, its people, and birthplace of my King and Savior Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus Christ). When I would hear Hebrew songs or Hebrew spoken from the Holy land as most people call it, a yearning would grew inside of me to know more about this land and her people. It was not long ago that my wife and I began to research our lineage from the Island of Puerto Rico Back to Spain the mother land, several meetings with Sephardic Rabbi Gary Fernandez, it was to our surprise that we discovered we were in fact descendants of Sephardic Jews who are traced back to the lineage of King David, Joseph (Son of Jacob), and in the first Temple period. The original inhabitants of Jerusalem were the Sephardim which were the Holy Temple Keepers under King Solomon until The Babylonians came conquering Israel, destroying the Temple and almost wiping out the Sephardic Jews who were being slaughtered. Many escaped to Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Turkey and even Salonica. They escaped to a place where King Solomon had created an import export business in the shipping trade to finance the building of God’s Temple called Tar- shish.

   They decided to give that peninsula a nick name. They called it “ Iveria.” Ivri means “Hebrew.” Iveria means “the place of the Hebrews.” Thus “place of the Jews” is better known as “the Iberian peninsula.” Many centuries later, it became known as Spain They found the ground to be fertile and the climate perfect for them. Unfortunately while all of Israel was forced to serve the will of the Babylonian King for 70 years, the Sephardic Jews continued to serve freely the Sephardim were living freely as Jews, keeping the original covenant given at Mt. Sinai, in Sefarad… In 1482, the King and Queen of Spain wanted the Jews to convert to the mother church that was in power. They commissioned a Spanish Monk named Torquemada to devise a way to convert the Jews. He designed and executed the Spanish inquisition. Our people were being murdered and butchered for a ten year period. In 1492, Christopher Columbus tells the Queen that he can find no one who wants to join his voyage on the three ships she had built for him, because they believed the world was flat. The Queen assures him that she has plenty of people she can give him because the dungeons are full of “criminals.” They were the “criminals” of the state… the Sephardic Jews! The King then issued a decree to banish for good all the Jews of Spain. The expulsion of the Jews from Spain gave Columbus the opportunity to fill his ships to the brim with Sephardic Jews. He arrived not in America, but in the Caribbean and South America first. So the majority of the Latino People are Sephardic Jews, whether you believe this or not, you might be a Sephardic Jew.

   This is an exciting revelation because if you read in Obadiah 1:20 it says that in the end times before Messiah Returns, the Sephardic Jews will return to their homeland Israel and this will fulfill the prophecy and our King can return to rule and reign. You can be a part of this great end time prophetic event, here is the link to see if your surnames appear on the list and if it does then get ready for the real revelation of who you really are Shalom and may Jehovah bless you.

 Click on this link to see if your name appears….


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